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Today, I was assigned to write a short story about what we imagine Earth to be like in 500 years, and daily conflicts people experience. My teacher loved it and read it aloud to the class. He asked for my inspiration, and I didn't have the heart to say that I ripped off Mass Effect 3. FML
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brianfantana32 tells us more.

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This. This is more of a morality issue than a legal issue. I didn't take it word for word (even though that's hard to do since it's a video game and not a book), I just used the concept.

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Mass Effect is the best inspiration hahah~

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I hope you put your own twist on it and didn't write just about how the game is, exactly. :|


Mass Effect is the best inspiration hahah~

I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite assignment on the Citadel. But seriously, amazing game.

"We'll bang okay?". -Shepard

"You can fight like a Krogan, run like a leopard, but you'll never be better than Commander Shepard!"

I would have just ripped off of Firefly. Mass effect is the next best thing I guess :)

julygirl18 8

I love mass effect!!

Thursday737 7

Halo also takes place in the 2500s. that would have been my story. (video game debate incoming)

Me too! Mass effect is a really good game from just looking t it I just never got a chance to play it and I've been playing halo since the first one came out and read all the books do that report would've been easy for me!

brianfantana32 10

I'm just upset about ripping off anything.

Link5794 18

Then I assume your profile picture is a photograph of you?

Brian- are you a member of the FML team?

Brian is the OP.

Don't worry...I'm a ME junkie myself, but they ripped off a plethora of other stories. "if we weren't allowed to plagiarize, there would be no original thought"

I love every Mass Effect game, in my opinion it's the best sci-fi trilogy in gaming. I've gotten similar assignments to the OP and it's hard not to copy something from such a rich universe. I wouldn't feel bad OP, everyone needs some inspiration at least. I guess ME was your inspiration for the assignment.

Fallout would also work in this scenario

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I hope you put your own twist on it and didn't write just about how the game is, exactly. :|

How is this an FML it is brilliant!

Remember, burn the evidence. If anyone says something like: "this sounds a lot like Mass Effect 3" Be like ".. I've honestly never heard of that TV show before" Play dumb.

"mass effect? Isn't that like, gravity?"

Although this is actually considered plagiarism. People need to use their own imagation. I am personally writing a book, and I would be pretty upset if someone copyed my work/story.

siickman 7

I don't think we want to copy a writer thats spelling copyed instead of copied. Just saying.

Sorry about that, 1am comments are not usually the best. Specially after working a twelve hour shift. However that's not a good enough excuse so thanks. Shame on me..

siickman 7

No worries man just pulling your leg lol.

nnnihad 6

Good job, Shepard.

Earth would be proud!

Hahahahaha I love that movie.

HighGT, go kill yourself. Don't be like Sam the Foolish, who tried to be cool and said that Breaking Bad was his favorite movie. Sam isn't around anymore. I made sure of that.

This information will prove useful against the reapers and beyond.

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brianfantana32 10

I still put it in my own words, but the whole concept was taken from ME3. Plus, video games exist, so it's hard to be productive.

This fml was so good I screen capped and put it on a funny website.

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“Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources” ― Albert Einstein

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TallMist 32

#39 Give credit where credit is due.

This is genius! Its on the wrong site. This needs to go on Reddit so I can upvote!

rainbowbigbird 7

Well, ya know, gotta be inspired by something! Clearly your venue of inspiration impressed your teacher... Although, unbeknownst to them. See! Games aren't all that bad!

Okay... I cracked up so much from your picture! =)

That would have been a pretty boss essay, even if it was ripped from mass effect. Cause y'know, Hollywood is doing the same thing, making remakes of nearly every pop-culture film from the 70's to the 90's.

*cough* Titanic *cough*

That's awesome, atleast you got a good grade for it. And your teacher thinks you're smart too! I gotta get that game now. *Meow!* :3

I did not need to see that

i hope you get sued you son of a bitch!

And I hope you fall down some stairs and break your spine. See how rude and unneccesary that was?

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brianfantana32 10

So much hostility. It is in no way a direct copy of the game, I took the concept into my own words. I don't think I can get sued.