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This. This is more of a morality issue than a legal issue. I didn't take it word for word (even though that's hard to do since it's a video game and not a book), I just used the concept.
By brianfantana32 / Wednesday 12 September 2012 04:24 / United States - Spokane
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  jackw428  |  6

I would have just ripped off of Firefly. Mass effect is the next best thing I guess :)


Me too! Mass effect is a really good game from just looking t it I just never got a chance to play it and I've been playing halo since the first one came out and read all the books do that report would've been easy for me!

  Driveshaft  |  5

Don't worry...I'm a ME junkie myself, but they ripped off a plethora of other stories. "if we weren't allowed to plagiarize, there would be no original thought"

  CyborgBanana  |  12

I love every Mass Effect game, in my opinion it's the best sci-fi trilogy in gaming. I've gotten similar assignments to the OP and it's hard not to copy something from such a rich universe. I wouldn't feel bad OP, everyone needs some inspiration at least. I guess ME was your inspiration for the assignment.

  miserypoison  |  13

Remember, burn the evidence. If anyone says something like: "this sounds a lot like Mass Effect 3" Be like ".. I've honestly never heard of that TV show before" Play dumb.

  Warden1986  |  16

Although this is actually considered plagiarism. People need to use their own imagation. I am personally writing a book, and I would be pretty upset if someone copyed my work/story.

  Warden1986  |  16

Sorry about that, 1am comments are not usually the best. Specially after working a twelve hour shift. However that's not a good enough excuse so thanks. Shame on me..

  minisquid  |  9

HighGT, go kill yourself. Don't be like Sam the Foolish, who tried to be cool and said that Breaking Bad was his favorite movie. Sam isn't around anymore. I made sure of that.

By  cheekyterier  |  13

Next time use your own ideas

By  jessikamahone  |  6

Be original

  missalkali  |  8

that's really creative! or at least it would be if you took out the quotation marks and neglected to mention Einstein…

By  cr3ativity  |  15

That would have been a pretty boss essay, even if it was ripped from mass effect. Cause y'know, Hollywood is doing the same thing, making remakes of nearly every pop-culture film from the 70's to the 90's.

By  chriscrossedya  |  4

i hope you get sued you son of a bitch!

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