By Tanner - 07/04/2012 02:26 - United States - Salem

Today, I woke up super glued to the toilet. FML
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Seems like you're in quite the sticky situation.

zingline89 18

Guess your wife was really fed up with you constantly wetting the bed.


RaquelW 7

but last in the game of life, I'm afraid.

thejewishfuhrer 17

I hate first comments like yours.

How the hell does someone not notice stuff like that? Oh, and #1, you just wasted a perfectly good spot for the first comment.

DontClickOnMe 28
TheElderTROLLZ 15

Your profile pic is... disturbing.

I clicked on you.. & it took way to long to actually click on the FML to comment so I just thought you'd be perfect to comment on. Anyways I forgot what I was going to say... But Happy Pooping !

aleclikestacos 8

34- his profile pic is incredibly sexxxy actually.

Well OP semen can be quite sticky if left out to dry.

D37H100 5

I accidentally thumbed you up . But do not be mistaken . Your comment is just as dumb as the once you commented on .

I'm sorry, your failed punctuation (spaced out periods, lack of commas) and bad spelling nearly made me laugh out loud.

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ryry013 6

Already said. Please come again

How does #6, barely different from #3, get -26 thumbs while the other gets 112? Please explain.

omarzrgz 3

I do not like your profile picture.........

Did the guy with the two bottles of vodka tucked in to his bed get scared when he saw you in his bathroom?

lol70720 5

lol what the hell were you doing last night?

DarkHelmet 10

Obviously a party AANNNDDD we know who the first one to pass out was

I was masturbating on a toilet that had super glue on it, I'm now walking around with a toilet seat on my ass

MackenzieWells 0

51, Really? I usually don't put super glue on my toilets..

Not what, but WHO? And, did anyone else think of Smosh's facebook video?

zingline89 18

Guess your wife was really fed up with you constantly wetting the bed.

UsernameInCanada 7

It might suck now, but if you eventually remember what hapenned yesterday you'll feel awesome! So just stick with it for now