By OuttaNowhere81 - United States

Smoke 'em while you can

Today, I was smoking a cigarette in my backyard while my parents were out, because I'm not allowed to smoke. While smoking, my parents came home unexpectedly. In a rush, I flicked it over the fence, and it landed in my neighbor's hair. It was still lit. FML
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  tayman  |  0

Seriously. Smoking has absolutely no positive attributes except for a small nicotine rush. "no, you do not look cool, and no, i dont want to be around you when you do it." Hell, marijuanna has more positive stuff about it than cigarettes do. At least you get high off it and you are much less likely to get cancer because by the time you smoke enough to get the same amount of tar in your lungs as cigs, you have probably passed out on your couch. FYI both are disgusting, but you should at least do the better of the two if you wanna be an idiot.

  aksweetheart  |  7

208, that's really all people do on here, so if that's all you're going to comment, then you should just leave now... I'm just telling you now before you actually get chewed out by someone on here.

By  Minstrels  |  0

But that would've eluded them otherwise, you crafty bastard! I mean, they would never have noticed the smell on your breath or clothes! Nope!

:| God, you're such a dipshit. You live with your parents. The least you can do is respect their rules while you're there and on their property. Asshole.

By  boatiebanter  |  0

Even if it hadn't landed on something flammable, would your neighbors not connect the random cigarette in their yard to the pathetic kid next door who isn't allowed to smoke?