By caseyl - 15/04/2015 13:42 - Finland - Espoo

Today, my dad tricked the local biker gang into believing he's actually part of the Russian mob. FML
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caseyl tells us more.

Op here. My dad has a car repair shop and the biker gang rented the property next door. So he decided the smartest move would be to intimidate them to make sure they won't cause trouble. Which, I'm pretty sure, is going to cause a shitload of trouble...

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that's kind of impressive

And what was he trying to accomplish by saying that?


that's kind of impressive

He is trying to get them to stay away from his property apparently.

yes, impressive. But I don't really see how it negatively impacted OP's life. doesn't really feel like an FML.

Personally, I think this is awesome!

Impressive until they get attacked

And what was he trying to accomplish by saying that?

Only reason I could think of is so they don't mess with him.

Trying to convince them that "in Soviet Russia, bike ride you"

I bet they're Russian around together.

What does that acronym mean?

Fuck the Russian language ?

Fuck the Russians Life/lives maybe?

Fuck the riders' lives?

Well you better start Russian out of town before the biker gang finds out about the lie *ba dum tss*

The quality of puns on FML is sadly deteriorating

Are you Finnished, 23?

How the hell did he manage that ?

Does this mean you'll be their next victim or safe from them now?

Are there many hardcore biker gangs on Finland?

#10: As a Finn I tell you: None. Only time they've been on news is when the cops raid their hideouts.

So there are none until they show up on TV?

They are all undercover hardcore biker gangs.

What's the point of doing that?

Keeps them from beating the crap out of him perhaps??