By soconfused - 03/03/2015 10:15 - United Kingdom - Belfast

Today, I have been at my new job for almost a month and still have no idea what I'm doing. FML
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Doesn't matter, got paid?

I don't know if this is a reflection of a lack of motivation on your part, or a lackluster company where sub par work is acceptable.


Doesn't matter, got paid?

Your photo and comment for some reason made me laugh so hard. The American Dream, get paid and not work , or sue and get rich.

#7 made me lough so hard I exhaled the piece of apple I'm eating through my nose.

If they haven't fired you or complained about you yet, you're doing something right at least.

The irony between your comment and profile picture is just almost too much, that hilarious

well played #1

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This is definitely a Seinfeld episode...

Don't worry. Some jobs require more learning than others. You'll get the hang of it if you keep trying.

Honestly, what the hell does that even mean? Work necessitates having knowledge of the tasks that need to be accomplished.

That's not always true. While you should have an idea about basics, there are always specialized circumstances that arise. I've learned almost all my skills from hands on training , both medically , and on the construction sites.

Specialized circumstances are called life, yeah things pop up, but knowledge of the underlying tasks help you resolve these sporadic pop ups.

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12, shes just trying to be nice...

It has nothing to do with "life" . She may be working with a program she never used before, or confused about how the organization works. There are tons of unknowns here. Experience with adequate training should do it, but she should have asked after a few days , not a month.

My previous job just let me sit there and read useless manuals for the first three months before letting me do anything. My current job gave me a week to learn some stuff via websites and after that they started showing me what to do. 5 months on and still got loads more to learn.

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It all depends on the situation. She could've been hired for an apprenticeship sort of position. But at the same time, if she's having issues, especially if she's on her own now, she needs to ask someone sooner than later. You don't want to get thrown into something at work if your employer thinks you're a pro and You still don't understand. No shame in asking questions.

I don't know if this is a reflection of a lack of motivation on your part, or a lackluster company where sub par work is acceptable.

It is normal to truly have no idea what you're doing for a while at a job. I am in my first job out of college and it took me at least 3 months before I really felt comfortable. Obviously you've never worked a complicated job alongside people who have been doing it for 30+ years. It doesn't mean OP doesn't have motivation or is turning in sub par work. The first month should be training anyway.

You nailed it!

Pretty big YDI. Swallow your pride and ask your boss about it before you get fired with a bad review.

You may want to ask, in a casual way, for a little bit of help. Or you could always just wait and get fired, to each their own.

YDI: ask someone for help.

Well then do something. Ask a manager or someone for tips. Nobody can fault you for trying to improve.

I am the same way OP! It takes me awhile to get used to things too but don't worry I'm sure you will get used to it.

Fake it 'til you make it!

Sounds like exactly what the OP is doing.

My guess is you won't be passing your probation period......

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at my job we have a 6-month probation period and due to how complex the protocols are and how non-user friendly the systems are, it was 4 months before i had a solid idea of what i was doing, and now at 8 months I'm getting good reviews but still have to guess and figure things out by trial and error. The OP could potentially just be in a similar situation.