By Mizzaroo - 17/01/2013 06:38 - United States - Vancouver

Today, I was having a conversation with my mother during which I described something as being pungent. She thought I had made up the word, so I grabbed the dictionary to show her that I hadn't. She then became enraged, threw the dictionary at my head and told me never to talk to her again. FML
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Mizzaroo tells us more.

Mizzaroo 13

Actually, I was trying to show it wasn't a made up word. :)

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Can you imagine playing scrabble with that nutter? It would be so vapid.

yup93 7

Maybe she should have looked up the definition of "overreaction"


Yeah, think we all got that. The post wouldn't be here in the first place if the mom was normal.

In this case, the good qualification is "hysterical bitch".

then000bster 16

It seems like this Fml has a serious case of literal Facebook.

sticks and stones may brake my bones but so will a dictionary

Can you imagine playing scrabble with that nutter? It would be so vapid.

Vapid, eh? THAT WORD DOES NOT EXIST! You made that up!

Spare me from your projectile dictionaries, PLEASE! I implore that you extricate me from this cerebral-cracking badness!

Everybody! Dictionaries ready! Aim.... FIRE!

Dear old vapid! Stil remember that FML...

RedPillSucks 31

Hmm.... What's worse, a single blow to the head by the Websters Unabridged dictionary (please not the OED. That's instant death), or 100 small tile projectiles from a scrabble set?

Webster's it'll hurt a hell of a lot more than those measly scrabble tiles.

RedPillSucks 31

Unless you throw them really fast like a BB gun. Death by a 1000 cuts.

My mother has accused me of making up words during Scrabble... She just misspells them. =/

Mizzaroo 13

Oh I've played scrabble with her in the past. I stopped after a while.

Well hello OP. dwelling among us now? :P

Not really how vapid is used, but nice try.

yup93 7

Maybe she should have looked up the definition of "overreaction"

Ops mom definitely overreacted but I have to admit that I absolutely hate being corrected or made to look stupid. I don't agree with ops mom going as far as she did because there comes a point where one has to admit they're wrong but some people can't do that.

Iknoweverything 29

You hate being corrected? Would you rather have people laugh at you behind your back because you "hate" being corrected instead of learning and having it only be a one time thing? Grow up. Personally, I hate people who are so insecure in their intelligence that they have to accuse others of making stuff up. Just because YOU don't know something doesn't mean it's not true. Suck it up, verify the facts for yourself, and move on. If you can't handle being corrected, you deserve to look stupid.

As I like to say: when in doubt, Google to find out!

Schizomaniac 24

Coming from someone whose name is Iknoweverything. Tehe.

Freshberries - I totally agree! Who the hell are these pompous asses who troll around correcting people? It's so annoying! Oh, and by the way, OP's* overreacted,* OP's* wrong,* Understand this: if no one ever corrected you, you would continue making the same mistakes over and over again. Truly intelligent people know that everyone makes mistakes, but the smart ones learn from them. Not understanding that is what makes you look foolish.

RedPillSucks 31

However, in this case, OP was not really correcting his mom. The mom was attempting to correct him by indicated he'd made up a word and he was just proving his case.

Mizzaroo 13

43 I don't understand why so many people are jumping down my throat all I said was I didn't like to be corrected but there comes a point when me or op's mom have to admit they are wrong and some people have difficulty accepting when they are wrong. I don't understand how my comment was so terrible.

This is a real FYL (sarcasm)... I doubt it was one of those heavy dictionaries, because if it was you would have had time to dodge when you saw it coming. Also the big ones don't have a great range. God forbid your mother ever throws a pocket dictionary at you.

Dont you know not to mess with Mama Bear OP?

Example: Your mother's stupidity smells pungent.

Well that just makes a ton of sense. I think you tried a bit too hard to be clever -.-

I think her dying brain cells are starting to become pungent

If stupidity could smell 7, your comment would be reeking of it

tj5810 21

Maybe you guys can bury the hatchet and overcome this. Try inviting your mom places so you two can spend time together. My suggestion: an English class or a game of scrabble.

mega20913 8

it's not your fault she has a limited vocabulary