By shitday - 27/01/2013 23:47 - Australia - Gold Coast

Today, a cyclone hit my city. Though everywhere else is flooding, my house is fine. Well, that was until the toilet decided to overflow and regurgitate the entire town's sewerage. So now my only bathroom is covered in sewage, and I can't go anywhere else because of the flooding. FML
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Draxanoth 15

That sounds like a shitty situa*explodes*


Well you gotta shit on the floor or shit your pants.

Just shit out the window, the flood will wash it away...

I just imagined OP sticking their ass out of the window and ******** on the street, i must smack my head on the ground hoping for a memory loss.

7yzz 18

Hell, take a shit on your bed if you want.

iOceanus 18

Oh wait, I get it now. Derp. *hides in shame*

Just sit tight and wait for Greg to come help, and just hope Steve doesn't beat him too it.

Draxanoth 15

That sounds like a shitty situa*explodes*

****... I wanted to kick your ass first.

This fml made me throw up in my mouth.

You must have a weak stomach if this made you throw up.

iOceanus 18
Imhere4fml 24

You must have gotten sick a lot reading fmls then...

oj101 33

Compared to most FMLs, this one is pretty tame. Us FML readers are used to thoughts of poop, blood, periods, and ultra awkward situations. Nothing surprises us anymore. You must be new here #4.

#40 I'm not new. I've been reading Fmls for years but some stuff still grosses me out.

If you find a lot of FML'S gross, why do you read them?

Never said a lot of them are gross. And I read them cuz most of them are funny

~No, you threw up in your left ovary.~

You have a plunger? Put on that mining helmet, and go deep!

GoodLookingGeese 10

Use a bucket, build a temp toilet - just like u do it in the woods or camping.

I used a bucket at night when I was little. In the AM, I would dumped into the outhouse. We were that poor. OP, there is always someone out there who has it shittier than you.

Call the plumber.... Ah shit... His busy.....

Busy trying to find the damn princess 'cos he doesn't know what castle she's in.

Imhere4fml 24

There is a reason there are many castles and why the princess keeps getting "captured."

Thank God your house isn't ten foot under water but I still recon you should leave. Disease is rife in sewerage.

yes, just be thankful you still have your house. some of us are in evac centers watching our houses on the news being engulfed in water

33. So sorry to hear that. I hope you and yours will be ok and I damn well hope the bastard insurance companies aren't wankers like they were the last time this happened in QLD!!

trellz17 19

Use a plastic bag and a bottle for now. That's the best I can think of.

manonthemoon3 4

Time to break in the hazmat suit. Oh, you don't have one? I thought everyone had one these days.