By crazygirl10 - 28/05/2010 20:37 - United States

Today, both my parents were at work so I was home alone. My boyfriend had wanted to surprise me and take me out to lunch. He found me dancing on my kitchen table singing "Like a Virgin" at the top of my lungs. FML
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This is only a problem if your bf is dull or you can't sing. If that's the case, YDI.

what's wrong with singing loudly? if he's ur bf he shouldn't care


This is only a problem if your bf is dull or you can't sing. If that's the case, YDI.

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ImaginaryFoe, what sense are you using "dull" in?

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haha fyl! omg this one made laugh XD

I think thats a good thing he gets to see your true personality!!

Imaginary foe, you've posted an actual comment and now I can't threadjack and say what I want because it's already been said. Dammit.

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I would do something like that. How is this a FML, your bf caught you singing. I would lmao if my bf caught me doing that. Lol

what r u crazy!?! well ur nickname is crazygirl so....

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that's an FML for you, OP? me dancing around and singing is a near everyday occurance at my house lol you should see me in the car :) I crack my daughter up.

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Yes really, my Chinese zodiac and aztec zodiac signs are BOTH monkeys. Plus there gorgeous :)

Boops! It's been a while since I've seen you around here. Obviously I meant dull as in not very sharp. Nobody likes being hit with a blunt object.

not that big of a deal. If I was him I would just laugh and or join in.

Sean, your thread-jacking powers are so immense that you will find a way. Oh, look, you just did. Congratulations. Next time I'll say "First" and get modded just for your enjoyment. Wait right here.

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that songs annoying ! I'd much rather listen to lil wayne; eminem; or screamoooo!<33

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Haha I bet he thought it was cute. If my boyfriend saw me doing something similar he would say it was cute. Not really an fml. It's not the end of the World.

That would probably be because I haven't been here for a while. It seems to be a problem — some people here don't seem to know who I am. Anyway, I still don't understand your sentence.

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That's funny but not an FML.

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I don't see the prob, sure he may laugh, but big deal... my husband makes fun of me for random singing and dancing butbi do it and like hope it makes my son laugh... plus i love to go to the kareoke bar so it's a normal occurance for me

I bet you feel Like a virgin (at first comments) Touched for the very first time Like a virgin (at first comments) When your heart beats (after first time, with your heartbeat) Next to mine

kidsanchez1 4

Vanessa eminem is a great rapper

eminem > lil Wayne weezy is OK but wayy overrated.

rohosoccer08 1

haha I used to love eminem when I was in rebellious stage around 13 lol when his music was good

kidsanchez1 4

Jimmy I still find eminem a great rapper he's gonna drop a new album on June 21 I think

if you ask me he is easily the best mainstream rapper out right now. jimmy is right though the best rap is mostly underground or from the 90's

Vanessaxx 0

please donor disrespect eminem<3 and lill wayne and weezy are the same people lmfao. listen to their new songss. espically eminemss. there really good.<3(:

Vanessaxx 0

on what song did he use a Mexican accent? and eminem was voted artist of the decadeee!<3 (2000-2010)

I know Vanessa I use both :p and yeah that accent didn't really work...he said he is done with it though so that's a relief.

kidsanchez1 4

yea Vanessa got a point eminem songs are good and Jimmy the gratest songs are from the 90's now all they rap is about money and bitches

artist of the decade? that's awesome I didn't know that. although it's not saying much 2000 was a terrible decade in rap if you ask me.

Vanessaxx 0

yeahh. google it. my favorite part of my favorite song!;; sitting nude in my living room it's almost noon I wonder what's on the tube? maybe they'll show some boobs switch every channel until I find Hannah montanna and take out the aloe and lanalin bust all over the wall pannel-in dismantal-in every candle lit on the mantle-in (: <33

kidsanchez1 4

Vanessa that's 3 A.M. i like that song

Vanessaxx 0

haha wow eminem is the most ****** up yet hilarious rapper ever. my favorite song by him is probably uhhm Stan.

kidsanchez1 4

I can't wait till his new album comes out have you heard not afraid

this is creepy. last night I had a dream I was in amadonna video and now this??? suspicious. I guess I better watch out for Madonna.

not afraid was pretty good. search for despicable, that is 10 times better.

kidsanchez1 4

I heard dispicable it is drake - over and beamer benz or bently beats

yeah I love the Beamer Benz or bentley beat. that was my favorite part

KiddNYC1O 20

I rarely doubt an anecdote's credibility but how did this fml get through? lol op, what are you? 10?

kidsanchez1 4

yea dam Ima start counting days till his album comes out

bout 25 I think. and drakes album comes out a week before I think but it's not gonna be that great.

Kylias 6

-20 points for being caught. -50 if it you knew it first from Madonna +120 if you knew it first from Moulin Rouge :D

kidsanchez1 4

doesn't eminem album comes out the 21

I thought it was 22 but I could be wrong.

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84-agreed. his besst song<3

Stan is literally like the only song of his I know.

pureecstasy 5

lil Wayne noooooooo eminem ehhhhhhh. scream. :D

Looks like your gonna stay "like a vigin" but you aint gettin touched for the very first time

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Nice trigger discipline there, 122. Idiot...

yur on crack, get yur ears checked. eminem is and will always be one of the greatest.

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lol op.. 2pac all the wayyy

Stefany713 0

okk let's all agree that rappers have no talent.. Kelly Clarkson is the one with real talent here 

Blue_Coconuts 7

It looks like your finger is in the trigger well, which is trigger discipline. And it doesn't matter that the pistol magazine is empty and it's pointed at a wall. It's rule number one, a gun is not a toy... Jesus dude, that's how people get shot. You know how many times I've heard about that? So many people get shot because they're ******* with a pistol, and have their finger inside the trigger well. That shit is so ******* stupid, and it makes you look like a dumbass.

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Monkey girls are naughty. We say so in China.

LMFAO I did the EXACT same thing last night when a guy I'm seeing showed up in my back yard while I was singing it infront of the sliding glass door in my undies and a small t-shirt while on the phone. he laughed so hard. it's not that bad OP, laugh right along with him.

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LIKE A VIRGINNN! TOUCHED FOR THE VERYY FIRST TIMEEE! That's something I would do OP, but not singing a Madonna song. This site really needs a "stop complaining" vote button.

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76- that is a common problem with rap and hop-hop. try listening to KiD CuDi or B.o.B, they actually rap about wholesome subjects. not that eminem doesn't rap about wholesome subjects *Kim ;-)* but he raps about his life, not just bitches and money or rim size, and I think eminem's music has drawn so many people because of that.

49- hardcore kicks ass! Underoath FTW -also attack attack, bring me the horizon, the devil wears prada, we came as Romans, job for a cowboy, parkway drive, I see stars, all of them also win as well

are you a teen mom? you look young! and this is not meant to be mean, just wondering!

Yeah because we care because this is eharmony

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it's not really that bad lol I do that all the time, while I may not be on a table ;) but yeaa definitly not an fml

..... this is sooooooo embarrasing!!!! wat the fuckk lol

your picture is a win. up is a fantastic movie. dafp!?

Exactly, OP you were just havin' some awesome alone time... A good bf would be turned on. ;D

Can't decide if I would grab some popcorn and watch, or just take her right there on the kitchen table.....

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This is not an FML.... congrats you made an ass out of yourself to the person that's probably most used to it

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Did he fix that problem for you..?? Ughh I hate anti-flood protection:/

what's wrong with singing loudly? if he's ur bf he shouldn't care

this isn't an fml. it's called an embarassing moment. it's life. get over yourself.

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