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Today, on the train, I was sitting next to a cute girl I didn't know. She fell asleep on my lap by accident and I just let her for the whole train ride. This is the closest I've ever been with a woman. FML
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.....And then you ****** her in the ear? o.0

she just so happened to lay down on your lap? or did she just sort of fall there after she was asleep?


i feel bad for you brotha that does suck... alot.

denbeste 3

i'm guessing divine powers opened your zipper!

You should have gotten her #. Btw, was this the train train  or the metro rail? lol

denbeste 3

i'm guessing divine powers opened your zipper!

how much longer do you think it will be for 1 to be moderated for only saying first?

ugh sometimes the mods are  and don't. But what do I care my comments will go  tomorrow anyway.

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OP little girls don't count.

that sucks dude but hopefully you'll get some later on.

Aww...come on now. It's cute when 12 year olds post on FML, isn't it??

LOL! Giving people head has a brand new meaning


37 are you gonna go on bus rides now? haha

well, atleast you now know you're not à creep ;) and that you do look decent. Otherwise she wouldnt fall asleep on you :p

haha, why would someone get freaked out about that? that's weird

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He was asking why someone would get freaked out by you falling asleep on their lap :P.

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Haha, no problem at all :P. Also, we do meet again (: Lol, having two different convos at the same time. Aren't we cool :]

Damn! I'd sleep on someone's lap on the train if they didn't freak out!!! (and if they were a cute guy, duh) Hey, Raleigh!!!!!!

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I hate the FMLs where something nice happens to the OP and then try turn around and make it sound bad. They should add a "stop complaining" button for voting on this thing.

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62 - Agreed on "stop complaining." YDI, OP. You should have written your number and the message, "If you'd like to have your head on my lap awake, call..." and slipped it into a pocket/purse. At the least, you'd get a call of apology. ;) Also, go out and talk to women, foo. They don't come to you, even when you surgically implant iron rods under their skin and fire up an electromagnet. :D

I'm telling you, if you ever went to my school you would love the school dances, the girls aren't ****** but they would grind on you and give you lappies =)

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@63 - Are you sure? I think I'm gonna try that.... Wait. How do you get one to do the surgery.... Maybe fool them into thinking its liposuction or botox.

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don't give up bro, you just gotta put a little effort into it. and by the way, Best. Train. Ride. Ever.

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OP, I hope you didn't have a stiffie. That would've been terribly awkward. ;P

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that's a little weird that you let a random chick fall asleep in your lap...are you a sick old perv??

I've had girls fall asleep in my lap before, does that make me an old sick perv too?

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the exact same thing happens to me.

lol @ everyone telling him not to give up, just give up if your a nerd no will ever want you, so unless you become really rich or famous (or ****** haha) then that will always be the closet you've been to a girl. Or I guess you could become good with an instruement and join a band.

I can relate to what you posted, my friend. I am curious what your age is. I would have done the same thing if I were you. Sometimes we just crave the touch of a pretty female. I was never very lucky in love. A long time ago when I lost my job I asked my pretty roommate if I could just lay down by her on my couch for awhile. She was kind enough to me to let me do that. I think that it actually eased my anguish that day. She was only a friend and I didn't expect that we would be making out or anything. I am 50 now and married but I still desire the touch of a pretty woman. Unfortunately, I don't get that feeling from my wife any more. If I could have one wish granted right now, I wish that you could find that lady in your life whose touch would bring you joy. It doesn't get any easier when you get older, so work on finding that person, even if you have to go through some (temporary) heartaches & rejection to do that. I'm serious, I don't want you to end up like me. 

If you're unhappy in your marriage... tell your wife so she can stop clinging onto the thought that you love her. :/

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#122, Nerds get good jobs. Get better females. Laugh at people who laughed at them while flashing cash. Nice feeling. Especially when the nerd mockers are hard at work Mopping floors.

best trainride ever? guess your not a member of the mile long club

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That's your fault you led her on AND decided to marry her. What's even worse is that you've been married for X number of years till you're freakin' 50. Don't paint yourself as the victim. She's the victim here, not you, so wise up and FALL in love with her again. Hahaha. Giving advice when you're the heart breaker. Give me a break.

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damn that's sad. I'm guessing that you don't like females or you just have a big issue getting them close to you.

this FML reminds me of the other one that went a little something like this. "Today, I road the train to school. I fell asleep on some creepy guys shoulder by accident. I woke up to his hand on my thigh. I was wearing a skirt. FML."

awww give the poor guy a break :/ good for u OP (:

she just so happened to lay down on your lap? or did she just sort of fall there after she was asleep?

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People who sleep on the train tend to wind up on one of their neighbors. It sucks (usually heh), but it is what it is.

yelwark, you thropp balls, k? and op, thats the closest you have ever been?? =( you should've asked her on a date. That's sad though =( if you get one girl and/or a seriose relationship, you'll figure out how people work very quickly. Best of luck on getting a girl mate.

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.....And then you ****** her in the ear? o.0

I'm surprised your age wasn't included, OP. Unless you're like, 15. But if you're an older man, you just gotta get out there. But whatever your age, your time will come, believe me. Things like that happen when you least expect so, it's always that way! Good luck OP!