By vansboy - 15/11/2010 04:26

Today, my family had a secret meeting on my "puberty issues." I'm 21. FML
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this looks like Justin biebers future FML

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well when you jerk it in the family room it does become an issue. trust me I know. oh wait......

must have been pretty secret then haha

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Or man, I suppose? I know a guy who I can picture this happening to... he's my age, 17 yet he's the same size and build as my 8 year old brother... and his voice is about the same too. So to the OP I say... TAKE SOME GODDAMN TESTOSTERONE (sp?) PILLS YA BITCH! Just kidding. But really.

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52 - Aiish I said my brother was 8 -__- But I KNOW a guy as I described. Reading won't kill ya you know.

this looks like Justin biebers future FML

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agreed. god I hate Justin beiber lol

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No justin biebers will b wen he 30

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Yeah, you're 21. Don't ya think it's time to start wearing deodorant?

It couldn't just be smell it could be being bitchy anything