By cacheson - 5/6/2020 23:00

The Good Fight

Today, my husband and roommate went out to protest for the second day in a row. I have an anxiety disorder, so I can't go. I’m just stuck here watching videos of the fires and violence, wondering if they will even come home. FML
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By  Ambrily  |  26

She's not complaining because she can't go out. She said clearly she has anxiety and she has no way to know if her husband, who's out protesting and not having fun, will go back home alive.

  Ambrily  |  26

She's not complaining because she can't go out. She said clearly she has anxiety and she has no way to know if her husband, who's out protesting and not having fun, will go back home alive.

  cacheson  |  41

I understand that these protests have an important cause. I’m not complaining that I can’t go. I just really want my husband to come home and not be killed.

By  tounces7  |  26

Sometimes people forget "Charity starts at home".

This applies to more than just giving things. If you're sitting at home with crippling anxiety, your husband should be helping you through it, not going out and making it worse. If he lets his household fall apart while out trying to fix other things, then he's failed.

By  ojoRojo  |  15

To help ease your anxiety, I would suggest that your husband & roommate only participate in the protests during the day - the violence tends to happen more at night. And remember, the majority of the protesting has been peaceful. There are also other ways you/they can support the movement, like donating and spreading information. I hope you all stay safe and sound!

By  s_ve  |  2

It’s messed up your making this horrible time about your anxiety when there are so many people out there who are afraid to even live a normal life or leave their house because of the colour of their skin. You should feel proud that they both went out to protest and take action.

By  coius  |  14

Im not physically able to be at the protest, but im doing whatever I can to help the people who are there. Support roles dont just mean being physically there. Other ways to support the cause is teaching awareness, assisting to get word out, even printing up pamphlets to hand out for resources and just helping in administrative roles (making calls) calling your local public office figure and telling them that you dont approve of their backing a well funded terrorizng organization that the government calls the police. There is so much more you can do to help. Thank god you lnow your family is alive even. Others (sadly) are dealing with heavy loss, and they are going through a worse time. Time to stop thinking about you, and more about whats good for everyone. The quote “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. Everyone has a voice. Everyone can do something. Step up!

By  cacheson  |  41

I’m not sure why everyone is saying I’m making this about me... it’s about my husband and my roommate. They are in the thick of things and getting targeted by police because they are providing medical assistance. What they are doing is fantastic but they are also in danger and I don’t know if they will live through each day. I can’t even be there to try to help or protect them. And to the person that said “at least your family is still alive”? Every day I don’t know if they will be. I’m working hard at home doing 3 jobs and all of the chores by myself to make sure we still have a house, and food, and our pets taken care of, and money to help my husband buy medical supplies for the protest.

Like I’ve said before, ultimately the problem is I’m afraid because at the end of the day I’m left wondering if the two most important people in my life are going to make it to tomorrow.


Honestly don’t listen to the people hating on you. They are just trying to make themselves look better. Doesn’t matter whats going on in the world. Your problems will always matter. I truly feel sorry for you and your situation. I hope things get better soon. Don’t forget, you and your problems/issues will always matter.