By G-6 - 07/01/2011 11:24

Today, I was on the plane asleep. I woke up after feeling the plane jolt and I screamed at the top of my lungs. The little girl next to me told me I was a sissy. Everyone on the plane laughed. FML
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tacobird123 7

Hahaha wow, sounds like that little girl needs some manners.


tacobird123 7

Hahaha wow, sounds like that little girl needs some manners.

It's okay for him to scream, he's most probably a ladyboy.

why would you associate women with screaming?? ugh. aren't men allowed to get scared too? whatever. stereotypes are the worst.

kristineszLIFE 0

And the little girl decided it was that the time was ripe .. to make a fool outta OP and give him a fright :) HAHAHAHA. IM AWESOME :D

knibbsy 4

YDI. I hope you shat yourself too. Hopefully it was the real wet variety of feces too, that way it will really permeate in your underwear and pants, unlike the dry variety where you can likely just pick the log out of your underpants and sustain only minor damage.

IRULE010 13

If you're going to insult someone, at least use correct grammar. 'Faeces'.

Tikwichka 5

And if you are going to correct someone, at least check their nationality first. Spellings differ between countries, moron.

knibbsy 4

If you're going to attempt to correct me, at least realize that feces is the correct spelling in my country. Also, it would have been a spelling error, not a grammatical error. Fool.

I think both of you should shut the hell up. neither of you know what you're talking about.

knibbsy 4

Oh you're absolutely right 11, I have no idea how to properly spell words in my country. Let me escape from this rock I've been living under my entire life.

IRULE010 13

My mistake. I am beaten and humiliated. I will try to myself better next time. My apologies sir.

mommyhearts2boys 0

and how do u know what country he is from cause the is a pa in the USA u know

IRULE010 13

Please read above. I have acknowledged that I was wrong and have apologised to knibbsy for my mistake.

you people are acting like a bunch of 10 year old girls fighting.Just stop.

DakotaCat 4

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaahhahahahaahhaha! sissy..

I have no patience for people who scream when they're frightened. Grow the hell up. YDI.

Everyone? Can't have been a very big plane if they all heard you.

"Screamed at the top of my lungs" in an enclosed space with a terse environment. Go right ahead and scream on an airplane; I'll bet that you get everyone's attention real quick.

Fair enough, I assumed they laughed at her sissy remark.

I did too but I just thought that the scream would attract attention and so everyone would be looking and listening.

Maybe I've just flown more. ;) No one has actually screamed on any of the flights I've been on but there is virtually no privacy. Besides, OP probably exaggerated when she said "everyone" laughed.