By wtfseriously - 09/05/2011 17:22 - United States

Today, my mom and I had an argument about my laziness. We did this as I was eating uncooked rice because I didn't want to have to walk to the kitchen and put it into the microwave. FML
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I'm assuming you didn't win the argument.

DaveDave7 3

wow that's really lazy


DaveDave7 3

wow that's really lazy

rice cooking usually takes more than microwave, it takes about an hour to make it properly, the microwave version is for lazy Americans but I guess some are even too lazy for that.. eat some cereal or something!

that's just nasty! I wonder what else you avoid doing.

A7X_LoVeee 10

The microwaved version isn't just for Americans you ******* moron. good point...

FuniiBunii 0

That's when you know that you are a true American XD

imacreeper 3

I was born and raised in america, and Im pretty damn sure I wouldn't eat uncooked rice.

MC18 0

Fail x2638453748

Americans are fat and lazy is what he meant

Yes because America is the only country on the entire planet with lazy or fat people. I've said it before and I'll say it again: America has its flaws, just like... *gasp* every country on this planet! :o!

I'm pretty sure America still has the largest obese people population or percentage, at least. That's what it's known for, after all. As a stereotype anyway. But besides that, it's unfair to make this one lazy ass represent all of America. Not everyone will eat uncooked rice because they're lazy.

74-- That's not true. Tell me one flaw Tibet has. That's what I thought.

@#78 It's a shit, poor country with low standards in pretty much all areas. How's that for a flaw?

84-- Thank you. I guess they don't have sarcasm in Sweden; you still have pretty good hockey player so I'll let that one slide.

Yup. I'm skinny and the laziest person I know.

Jenna_Tell_Yuh 0

100, me too

ahaha wow.. I would do the Same lol I'm soo lazy

none of you could out lAzy me:)

Skinny lazy girl right here. The most I ever do is yoga and walking my dog.

skinny people are usually more lazy because they don't have to worry about losing weight.. on the other hand fat people feel like they should exercise more to lose weight.. if that makes since :P

Makes since, but not necessarily.

BlackOpsPWNR 0

wtf seriously?

Nothing makes "since."

yeah.. just making an observation lol not saying everybody is like that

wow, these comments aren't making much since

Haha oops I spelled that wrong huh? My bad!

Skinny, lazy girl here :)

Agree with skinny and lazy people *naps again*

seems like you should do some work,fatass

kekywobble 0

who said she was fat? i have tons of really lazy friends and guess what, they're all skinny.

Shes not neccesarily fat. Although she iS way lazier then i am, she WILL MOST LIKELY end up being one big momma.

LoveCali 0

Lol.!She Probably Is Most Likely Fat But Maybe You Should STOP.!Being Lazy.....,

weardo2011 0

like me

I'm assuming you didn't win the argument.

heybowchick 0


comepoopwithme 0

or the kid is anorexic

shortie916 0

I am skinny and super lazy! But If OP is that lazy why are they even arguing, cause that takes a lot of work!

Beimg skinny has NOTHING to do with being lazy. It's all about your charactar and expectations. That being said I weigh 175 and can deadlift 200 pounds. And yes I am lazy and selfish. AND GODSLAMMIT I'M PROUD OF IT!

deadlifting is like lifting your arms up, it's not hard at all... I'm 150 and 6'2" and I can dlift 225

atomicbaboon 0

how are you 6'2" and 150 lbs? I'm 6' and 185 lbs. but I'm not fat... at least, I don't think I am.

OhSoBueno 0

I'm 5 9 and 150lbs. and 6% body fat.....

well, to be fair arguing takes some energy, so your not ENTIRELY lazy. more of an energy conservationist!!!

sematariux 7

lol Ribby wins

CommonSenseKarma 17

Let's... be friieeendzz

I'm using this excuse from now on!

Dude, uncooked rice? The ****. YDI lazypants.

itsgen 16

yeah I agree and op ur just pathedic

bengermin 5

OP is probably the sorta person who'd wear adult diapers just to avoid having to get up to pee.

Right! I honestly didn't know anyone was that lazy!

120-thanks for the idea grandama likes the extra cushion and at school I can tell everybody I shit myself asked to be changed

That's not lazy that's fat who the **** eats uncooked rice and thinks that's ok moron!

marlagotzrandoma 0

Excuse me but not all fat people are lazy. Some bigger people do more than smaller people so size isn't the case.

Man you are a jerk. And immature.

gandhislayer 6

it actually takes more energy to be fat. so go shit in a cup and eat it.

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your bird made me laugh so hard, I'm now at this moment, cyberly sucking your dick. enjoy

6- Grow the **** up and learn to type! That's a pretty sad comment, coming from a 23 yr. old. I'd expect something like that from a 12 yr. old kid. And you wonder why you can't get a girlfriend. I hope you enjoy jacking off for the rest of your life. :)

Thomas_Rothbard 0

sure it is. let me guess, you're about 200-250? hahahah

This fml is ridiculous. Who seriously would rather eat rice uncooked than go and put it in the microwave.. which is literally a less than 5 minute job. #6 I totally agree with you

Nikki_ASW 0

That's disgusting and just plain lazy, YDI.

BaskenRobin 2

Get off your lazy butt and do something about your life before you turn into a lazy fat slob who lives with their parents their whole lives. (unless you already are one of those people) YDI

Hahaha, was your response "you made me this way since I have to cook my own dinner"? Because I can totally imagine you saying that


who the hell microwaves rice??

PSQ91 6

Uncle Ben's.

I always knew he was going off the deep end. What's next? Microwavable bread?

PSQ91 6

I guess you can do that already.

microwaving bread with cheese is what I do

mattelijah 0

love ur words man

I microwave rice all the time.

The better question is who the hell eats uncooked rice?

There actually is microwavable bread. And it's delicious- but I'm afraid to know what chemicals make it work, and what said chemicals are doing to my body.

^ I don't know... I don't know....

UnicornHooker 0

Psh, rice out of my rice cooker (If I could marry my rice cooker, I would.) is way tastier than rubbery microwave rice. It takes around the same level of effort too, with a nicer consistency and flavour. On that point, if they are using microwave rice in the first place it indicates that they are too lazy or pressed for time to make it traditionally on the hob, though again I'd argue that's not exactly troublesome.

chikachikawahwah 0

yeah, I know right? that chemical they call hot water is totally bad for you. I hear it gives you cancer.

193- Everything gives you cancer. This includes but is not limotted to: Puppies, cell phones, popcorn, steak, prolonged contact with the tooth fairy, tobacco, condoms, hackers, and music by Lil Wayne.

You deserve it just on the basis for microwaving rice. /=

201! I knew it!! ..wait....wut are we talking about again??