By thealaskanyoung - United States - Greenwood
Today, I got sick at school. When someone called my mom for permission for me to leave, she told them she doesn't have a daughter and to never call that number again. FML
thealaskanyoung tells us more :
Hey, OP here. Let me get this straight: my mother is not abusive. She just has a sense of humor! The lady who called was just taken aback for a second before my mom clarified. She's just a character, in no way abusive. Y'all are ridiculous.
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  randome101  |  12

Yeah because the lat time a telemarketer called my house they said something like "your daughter feels sick and needs you to come pick them up" and if it was a telemarketer, why would the mom reply "I don't have a daughter" and to not call that number again. Plus whenever my school called the house, it was the name of the school for a caller ID

By  zahra_786  |  19

Wow, harsh. Although, I can't help but wonder if she did this because she felt you were making excuses to avoid school, and have done the same thing multiple times before?
If not, my apologies lol.

By  d123454321b  |  14

Well then FYL.
Maybe they hit a wrong number when dialing or just had the wrong number to start.
I hope they at least let you sit in the nurses office for the rest of the day!