By I am not amused! - 03/11/2013 22:53 - United Kingdom - Andover

Today, I had the pleasure of driving in central London for the first time, to recover my drunk husband from his own brilliance, puking on the feet of Winston Churchill's statue in Parliament Square. At 4 am. FML
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Old Winston is well used to drunk idiots on and around his statue I'm sure!


Well I do enjoy this site, but there are some out there that I just absolutely hate.

Old Winston is well used to drunk idiots on and around his statue I'm sure!

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Maybe OP's husband is actually Neville Chamberlain.

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Let's not jump to conclusions people, he may have just had a rowdy night out

^ was so panicking that he was in the first four comments that he said something were they have a button for it

If you're going through hell, keep going.

You might make it out before the devil flicks a boogie on your winder.

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You never forget your first time

Except for those times you've already forgot.

i remember all of my drunken exploits, even more than standard exploits.

hey,now you cant complain to your Hubby that you didn't visit central London :-)

Nobody complains about not having seen Central London.

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Madam, you are angry. In the morning, he shall be sober.

I'd love to hear ol Winston's whit come out on this one.

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I wonder if people just comment whatever comes to their mind and realize later that what they commented was completely unnecessary

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I wonder if people ever realize when someone is being facetious or if they're just arrogant and think they're smarter than everyone else.