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  Today, if it wasn't already embarrassing enough to tell my boyfriend I was on my period, I had to explain what a period is in the first place, how it works, and why it means nothing can happen during that time of the month. He's twenty. FML
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  Macromartyr  |  3

okay...has anyone ever taken a bio course? the bleeding part means the egg is dead and leaving cause it wasn't fertilized. Having sex two weeks from end of the flow phase is the riskiest. Look it up ;D

  v1kt4r  |  13

Am i the only 1 who thinks he was feigning ignorance inorder to get his red badge???
coz believing a 20 yr old male who can get a gf doesnt know abt periods is a lito out there with believing in leprechauns

  epoh_fml  |  0

99lbs would be incredibly thin for a woman who is 5'3" or 5'4". I'm 5'4" and typically weigh around 115. I dropped to 105 after the birth of my second born and everyone thought I had an eating disorder :/

  bARbi3_d0Ll  |  0

48- yes im taking AP biology and if i do remember correctly it's safe to have unprotected sex a couple days before a female's menstrual cycle, in case any sperm is close to reaching the egg, the menstrual cycle will have disposed of the egg meaning that the sperm won't be able to penetrate the egg. so by the week after a woman's period she begins to ovulate releasing the old egg and creating a new one i guess making it easier for her to get pregnant. well at least i think this is how it goes

  yuesha  |  5

77 - When a woman ovulates, she is releasing a NEW egg from the ovary. it needs to be fertilized while is going down the Fallopian tube, otherwise it fails to implant in the Uterine lining and will cease to remain potent. This takes place within one day. therefore, there is only one day in which a woman can actually become pregnant. Sperm, however, can survive in the Uterus for up to 3 days, making it risky to have unprotected sex the week you ovulate, due to it being nigh impossible to predict the release of an egg and plan intercourse accordingly. There are a lot of physical signs as to ovulation that could be used, but most women are unaware of them as being such, because it's pretty much what makes them want sex.
When you begin menstruating, the Uterine lining and unfertilized egg are disposed of.
Ovulation also does not always occur two weeks after finishing menstruating. it depends on the woman.

Fun fact: A woman is born with all the eggs she will ever release, unlike men, who continually create new sperm. (:

If you really took AP Biology, pay more attention. (Granted, I learned this in Health class and Worth The Wait seminars in my basic science classes in middle school, so maybe you should just pay more attention in general.)

  Shockvalue  |  0

I think what the OP means is that she doesn't want sex while on her period, not that it's not possible. Her bf was probably like, "so...why can't we have it then?" she likely knows it's possible, but just doesn't want it.

  someone2me2  |  1

Yea, cos every guy makes it his lifes mission to learn how lady parts work. We like them to touch and look at and put our penises in, but who which guy would really care?!

  Crimson35124  |  0

op would you rather him have slept with so many other women before in his lifetime? you should be happy he's pure and innocent, unless girls have no value of chastity.

  noclevername  |  0

@#137: because they can get pregant. :) So unless that's the plan, it's courteous to have a basic understanding of how to avoid it. And if it IS the plan, it'll probably be handy to know how it works, too.

@ the people saying that it's possible to have sex on your period, some prefer not to, it's a preference rather than a poor understanding of Biology.

@ the people asking why she would be embarrassed, women are taught that their bodies are icky, and should function to provide sex for menfolk, so when you're on your period your body is extra icky, and the fact that not having sex is a preference rather than a necessity means there's guilt if you say no. Bitta pop-psychology for you there!

  letmeinplease  |  0

I don't know how it is in America, or other schools even, but at our school when the tampax woman came to talk to us about sex ed, the girls and boys were segregated. But even then there was gossip about what went on in each lesson (cue lots of childish giggling and blushing furiously at the sight of pads/ condoms). But then maybe he went to an all boys school and never took biology/ had no sisters.

  pinkdancer  |  0

jeez do i have to spell it out for u. she was calling the op 12 because the op was too embarrassed to admit that she was on her period (&12 yr olds r so immature that they're embarrased of their own periods). duh u dumbass.


#109 totally true i had to learn all this again in anatomy (omg so detailed) and i was like damn but fo real y would u not know wat a period is? At 20? that's messed up, dang middle school kids prolly know this cuz of their parent and siblings...

  jamesSIII  |  0

I believe she's reffering to having sex. Which is funny, because she is embarrased still to have to tell her boyfriend that she's on her period.
OP, you're from London. I have the urge to ask you what high school your boyfriend attended.

  jett_0621  |  0

Wow you look very cute and you have beautiful eyes haha. ^^
Sorry for being out of topic.

Anyway, I bet your boyfriend didn't have a girlfriend since he's 10 or something, cuz seriously?! A 20 y.o doesn't know what a period is?! lol.

  arsenalfcboy  |  6

91: nowhere else calse it the public school system. Everywhere outside North America it's called the State school system. OK, I admit, he may be Canadian. something tells me he's not though. or she. fair enough