By ughreally - 20/09/2013 00:20 - United States - Sartell

Today, I went on a blind date. He showed up in a shirt that read, "I F*ck On First Dates". FML
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Can't tell if he has a sense of humor or is trying to play out a bad joke


Can't tell if he has a sense of humor or is trying to play out a bad joke

JocelynKaulitz 28

He may have just been desperately hoping to get lucky

I really can't help but think that this was just his sense of humor. I wouldn't be too peeved about it. I mean, he certainly wouldn't be getting any but the shirt itself wouldn't have ruined my date if he was fun to be around and wasn't a shit otherwise.

It tells you he's not looking for a relationship, but rather just the physical benefits.

Either way, he was probably wrong just like every other time he wore that shirt.

Did HE?

dcross1213 4

do you?

Dodge4x4Ram 46

there is a time & place for jokes,, this is a fail

maybe I'm just strange but I think it was a funny, albeit inappropriate, way to break the ice

55 -I totally agree. My man made me laugh so much on our first date that my stomach hurt. 24 years later, still laughing, still together! A funny man is a damn sexy man! ;-)

So did he...or was it false advertising

jw90 18

I think it would be if she didn't give him any

IworkAt711 14

I hate people who dont live up to their t-shirt's word. Very untrustworthy.

savona01 7

Seems legit to me!

jojimugo 20

Am sure he meant his hand ... Ol reliable rosy palm

Pamela handerson

TheDrifter 23

Jill, the one we all try to cheat on.

Palmela* Handerson

Was he lying?

This guy is my idol!

lol i hope you walked out of there.

I hope he didn't forget your name 3 times as well. :P