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Today, I was walking my dog when I saw a man trying to get a screaming little girl into a van. I called 911 and ran over yelling at him. His wife then got out of the van and explained the girl was their daughter and they were just trying to make her go to school. FML
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Hey guys OP here! I asked the little girl if that was her parents and she nodded but 911 told me they were still sending an officer to be 100% sure that everything was accurate. The parents completely understood and were totally fine because they were glad I cared and took action. :)

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It was an honest mistake op. It's nice that you decided to take action instead of be a bystander! We need more people like you:)

Thank you for actually doing something to try to help rather than just take a video to post on YouTube later.


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That's me having to take on my responsibilities

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That's me... wait no never mind I don't leave my house.

That's me waking up in the middle of a dream

that's me after some guy offered me free candy one time

I'm always worried that someone's going to do that to me when my kids scream about having to leave the park. At least you were trying to do the right thing.

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If the person was a woman, they wouldn't have called at all. No bueno.

I don't think that is true at all. Kidnapping isn't generally a male stereotype. At least I hope it isn't.

I think the parents appreciated your quick response because if it were real I believe all parents would want someone to do this for their kid. Instead of ignoring, watching, or recording, like most people do now a days.

Plus, if a school age kid was making such a fuss over having to go to school, having the police show up might get the kid a much needed reality check about when the drama is over the top. Or, if there is a real reason behind not wanting to go to school, like bullying for example, the police could get a social worker or school psychologist involved.

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It was an honest mistake op. It's nice that you decided to take action instead of be a bystander! We need more people like you:)

Yeah, you definitely did the right thing here, OP. Better an awkward moment than seeing that girl's face on a poster later.

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The hysteria over stranger danger has to stop. Two parents with a young child ... why not *talk* to them first before calling the *police*?

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58 because, at first, it was just the dad, and then the mom came out. And, even if it's a couple, they could still attempt to kidnap a child and, if they're kidnapping a child, why wouldn't they lie about it and just say it's their kid? Good job on trying to take action instead of just doing nothing or ignoring it, OP.

Agree 67, sadly even the woman appearing does not guarantee things are as she says. Maybe OP's instinct was off, or maybe getting police involved was the thing to do even if/though it was just a family.

So if it was a woman alone it would have been a different story altogether?

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98, no it wouldn't. It's still kidnapping. I'm sick and tired of people like you saying "it's just because he's a man!!!!" Stop trying to be victimized.

103 i'm not "trying to be victimised" the way the comment was phrased makes it appear their saying "if it was the woman with the child then we'd know it's not kidnap".

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Calling the cops on someone in a situation with their children is not always an oops. Some police forces are required to get cps involved. This can lead to a big headache for the whole family depending on how zealous cps is

That must have been awkward. Well done for trying though. It wouldn't have been good if you'd done nothing and it turned out to have been a kidnapping.

The OP is a good samaritan who is misunderstood

Than* - the right word really changes the meaning of your comment, lol.

But it's still better to be safe before you're sorry than just being sorry.

Actually I think the comment is correct! First OP was being safe and then sorry after realizing there was no actual kidnapping taking place

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That's still scary... They could have said that just to trick you. I would have tried to verify that they are related because you just never know if it's real or not

I was about to comment the same thing! When you watch Criminal Minds, you learn a couple things.

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Uhhh not necessarily #73. Have you never seen a kid acting out in a public place? They don't know those people and they are still freaking out. And most kids would scream and cry if they were being abducted. Kids these days have been taught to call out for help when something is wrong. I know I would scream as loud as I could if someone was trying to take me, even if I was scared of the person. I'd be more scared of what would happen to me if they managed to take me rather than what they would do to me if I was making a scene. Good on op for being concerned. Unless I heard the kid themself agree with the parents I would be suspicious

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73- Do you have kids? I have custody of my little sister and have been raising her almost all of her life, so she is also my daughter. I would be glad someone called the police if they think my child is in danger. It's good to know there are people who care enough to attempt to protect her, even if they are wrong. I would much rather have someone call the police when they are wrong than not call when they are right.

How are they meant to verify they're the parents? It's just their word. It's not like the kid has photo ID or anything. Parents don't go around with their kids birth certificates and even if they did, the kid could always say their name was something else. I get where you're coming from, I just don't think you understand the logistics of it.

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Yeah they could have but lets be real. You cant go up and interrogate everyone with a screamijg kid. Or you could never go into wal mart or toys r us.

You still did the right thing, it could have been a very scary situation

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good job its better safe than sorry

Thank you for actually doing something to try to help rather than just take a video to post on YouTube later.

Nothing says she didn't do that though. She could posted it with #heroine.

Noticed a grammar mistake was too late. Don't kill me.

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It's good to have video though if it's actually a kidnapping because then the police can figure out who to look for.

Oh, wow. You're back. Now we're only missing Pedrix.