By Crap - 30/07/2015 00:57 - United States - Seminole

Today, I had horrible diarrhea at work. When I felt the bubbling, I ran to the bathroom. An agonizing bowel movement later, I realized that there was no toilet paper in the stall. Just as I was about to ask a coworker who was in the bathroom for some, the fire alarm went off. FML
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And income the "shitty situation" puns

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Officially the worst day at work that anyone can have...ever

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ew! no. i hold my shit in until i get home.

RedPillSucks 31

#34 that is true. We don't fart either, or grow armpit hair

#41 that's pushing your luck abit... Next thing u know, ur telling me they don't wear makeup :*

Why? A fire alarms going off they could walk out of the stall naked and wipe their ass now because everyone's heading outside

You can't hold shit like that trust me no one can

Sorry op, but I bet that ass is hawt ;)

your comment should get moderated, ya weirdo.

Eliseopwns 22

hot like the taco bell that caused the shitstorm

BaDumTsss_fml 23

Funny and original #5. You are truly a benefit to society

MUST someone make that pun EVERY ******* TIME there's an fml involving shit?

Id down vote you if it werent for your name

karcummings 19

that joke was in the shitter from the start and you scooped it up to use. ???

Time to sacrifice a sock! Well, I hope your diarrhoea gets better OP?

pharaohasphuck 10

Wow. I really want to know what happened next. Sorry OP, bad shit happens.

wow I'm sorry. But your situation is quite "alarming" and should probably get checked by a doctor

Your situation is quite alarming indeed. Along with shitty.

NotGabe 28

Murphy's Law was strong there. Anything that could go wrong did go wrong.

NotGabe 28

There is always something worse that can happen, like the building collapsing and taking the lives of everyone inside. That would be Sod's law.