By Physics fail. - 11/11/2009 19:09 - United States

Today, I finished up my physics project. I had to make some thing out of toothpicks and glue that will keep an egg from breaking when dropped 20 feet. It took me 10 hours to make it, but only took my dad 10 seconds to step on it and break it. It's due tomorrow. FML
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FAIL people. Re-read the FML. It's for physics, and must be made of toothpicks and glue. Toothpicks and glue. Have that key fact down? Good.


i remember doing this project. In fifth grade. and why would u leave it on the floor? dumbass

I think what he meant was he was gone for ten seconds when it was broken, not his dad stepped on it for ten seconds.

riku3220 2

I remember doing this project as well. I used a paper cup, cotton balls, paperclips, string, and a Wal-Mart bag. I made a parachute and the cotton balls were to resist shock. It took me 15-30 minutes. Why'd it take you 10 hours?

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FAIL people. Re-read the FML. It's for physics, and must be made of toothpicks and glue. Toothpicks and glue. Have that key fact down? Good.

It never says MUST, but that IS implied.

I did it in second grade and dropped of the top of my school. I took a big foam ball, cut a hole in it and tied it to a helium balloon. The balloon didn't do much, but it looked cool and my egg was fine. Took me ten minutes.

But i guess had to does mean its a requirement, so, my bad.

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Because it had to be made out of toothpicks! Glued together individually in a well thought out structure

The easiest way to do this is make a quick cube - like 1 tooth pick's length in measurement. And then, a minute before it is dropped, pour a litre or two of glue into it. sure it'll overflow, but the egg is gonna be a-ok.

if your dad broke it by stepping on it how did you expect it to survive the fall?

MrAdventure 1

FAIL. Left it in a place where it could be stepped on.

Hey at least now you know exactly how to make it...

When I did mine I made a paper egg shape the painted it filled it with jello and had my egg in the jello it survived

The structure may have made it too big to not keep on the floor, and it could have just been in a bad place.

Because the op said they had to only use toothpicks and glue.

110 A full grown adult male can deliver more force by stepping on something that an egg, toothpicks, and glue would falling 20ft, unless what he desigjed was huge, the force it was impact the ground with would be much less than a full grown adult male stepping on something

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Sorry! Good luck gluing it back XP FYL

Because people should expect Physics projects to be lying around on the floor...? YDI, OP.

Maybe he was testing it? Twenty feet is a big drop. Maybe he was doing it off his roof

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You spent ten hours on something and left in on the FLOOR where someone could easily step on it? YDI.

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Shouldn't have left it on the floor, should you.

perdix 29

Your dad climbed up on the table and crushed your project? He probably just wanted you to fail so you would stay home with him forever. He loves you!

Then I guess you should get back to work!

what was it doing on the floor? Smart move genious. I guess humpty dumpty is not going to make it D:

Smart reply misspelling genius, NoneOfTheAbove. Doesn't really work when you're trying to make fun of someone's intelligence. FAIL.

@ mock09 - And what does a typo have to do with intelligence?

YDI because it took you 10 hours to make the first one. We did the same thing back in my high school science class except we only had one class to make design and create the whole thing, and most of the groups successfully protected the egg. Its not that tough......unless you're retarded.

Its not an FML or a YDI. Fact of the matter is, it wouldn't have worked anyways. Those things never work. I hated doing that when I took physics (6 years ago :-)