By EMT_Koulianos - 25/05/2009 15:14 - United States

Today, I was performing CPR on a woman on her floor while her internal defibrillator kept firing, making her whole body jump. When it fired, her hand went straight up into my nuts. FML
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:-( sorry dude, you were doing a great deed and you got injured. I'd still give you a pat on the back though.

AICD's have been around for a long time. they work the same as the pads, sending massive wattage across your heart and will cause a convulsion in the limbs. go google it ffs.


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Good sir I respect the sacrafice of your balls for her life. Haha

That must've been a shocking experience. LOL

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internal defibrillator? no such thing. good try

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the same thing happened to me, except with raccoons :(

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Bet wou weren't expecting to get any action with her...

it would be very sad if the only action he could hat was from an inconcious woman who wasn't breathing

...false. Internal defibrillator? I think you need to take the CPR class. You obviously haven't been paying attention.

punched in the nuts by a passed out woman, yass.

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I didn't your mom last night

#2, honestly? there is this new website called google, you might want to try it out sometime.

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2 & 5... yes, it exists. I looked it up, and apparently it's something put into people with a high risk for cardiac problems. Like, similar to a pacemaker or something...