By ohmygosh - 21/07/2011 23:35 - United States

Today, I accidentally asked a one-armed man which arm he wanted me to take blood from. He asked for a different nurse. FML
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supernerd352 7

he couldve over reacted and pulled a gun. good thing he wasn't armed.

jewknowit710 2

*super facepalm* with hypodermic needle you boob


djawal 2

totally deserve it :p

supernerd352 7

he couldve over reacted and pulled a gun. good thing he wasn't armed.

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supernerd352 7

... its 3 i have a sick. mind at 3. my grandfather lost a leg and he loved jokes about it for some reason...

high five!! oh wait....

9, That made me laugh so hard. You sir, are a winner.

it's ok 9, I liked it.

op was probly just used to asking everyone that for her job and didnt relize til after

ok sir, when you think you've had enough painkillers, raise both your hands to signal.

Just turn it into a joke, and say "No, I meant: your arm or mine?" It won't work completely, but it might take away some of the tension.

I had a blood test 2day and I didnt even get a choice, but it wasn't awkward cause I have 2 arms. oh and 9- ahahaha classic

trgower13 0

you're a dick!

MrFlintstone 5

cause it's always your fault when its an accident.

I see what you did there.

hahaha some black humor.XD

even if he got really pissed, don't worry, hes 'armless! ok, thats very horrible of me. but seriously, why so many YDIs? these things happen, OP didnt mean it...

WellThatSucksMaj 0

honest mistake?

Clockwork_Peach 0

Right, it could have been a force of habit.

zuzupetalsYO 11

did you learn anything from this OP? like change proffesions?

that's sad..gym maybe..

ehh she probably just said it out of habit

supernerd352 7

i got banned for a few days for that comment lol

jewknowit710 2

*super facepalm* with hypodermic needle you boob

which arm? the one that i actually have preferrably.

kouklistax3 2

on Halloween when my brother was like 14 he snatched some kids bag of candy from him and when he turned around he realized the kid he stole from only had one arm. so it could've been worse.

Well then f you and your brother for even wanting to steal candy from others...smh

kouklistax3 2

I definitely wasn't even born when that happened. but thanks, asshole.

Tristyxxx 24

That would really suck if the kid was under the age of 10, any age sucks though.

cimh 9

That was my thought, that she is just so used to saying this sentence that it just came out. But damn ... I'd be sooo embarrased. I'd be happy that another nurse would do the job!

schaflava 0

You're an asshole by relation!

Squrril 0

why would you say something like that it's just mean.

wow harsh- one armed or not, ur bro is an asshole for doing that

104 - im sorry but your picture makes me want to throw up /:

I thumbed her comment down just because of that god damn picture.

guitargoddess89 3

lol that beiber person commented earlier too and got a thumbs down then. my theory was it's prob cuz of the name and picture lol.

Stealing candies from kids is ok, only if they're fat though and you give the candy to the homeless. It's the only way to fight obesity and feed the needy.

Tristyxxx 24

I don't blame him.

I ate his other arm while you weren't looking! Mehehehe. I am Painis Cupcake.... I will eat...... .....YOU!

Thank you. I have to let the stupid out sometimes, apologies. You can't always expect a guy with the creepiest pictures he can find to make serious comments 24/7 can you? ...... Can you..? Also, I'm honored the octopus man called me out on this one.

-28 I prefer: Honorable Lead Of The Respected Cult of Mr. Grinch, Pastor Sexy.

Can I call you Mr. Epic for short? I won't remember that. Short memory span and all...

-32 Plagues all of us Mr... Errr... I'll call you Bob, so Bob, what were we talking about?

I can't remember... Something 'bout eating... damn I'm hungry. 3:00AM munchies are the worst.

-36 I once had to eat an Octopus that threatened our almighty deity (in the picture) at 3:00. Tasted salty.

Delicious. Well, Imma go to sleep now before the clowns under my bed realize I'm awake and eat me. Gotta outsmart them you know... silly honking things.

-40 I once had an uncle who was a clown, he also liked to sleep with me in my bed. I never figured it why.

Tristyxxx 24

people jjust flirt somewhere else :(

I agree with 46, there's a reason the private messaging feature exists ya know.

-55 I also enjoy using the reply button.

Tristyxxx 24

Use the reply button in private message :( it's great you found each other...

MsRandomKatie 0

my dad, my grandfather and my grandmother all used to be clowns... true story. that's probably why they freak me out so much.....

Tristyxxx 24

I lol'ed ^

TheRealHouse 7

^^ did they carpool in a Plymouth horizon?

57. if they used private messages you wouldn't see their epic convos, also. nice pic.. not

Well, I'm awake. Time for FML to suffer my insanity again.

MsRandomKatie 0

88- nah. it was more like carpooled to ice cream parties. my dad worked for bluebell. say hello to free ice-cream! :D

Haha. It's an honest mistake though. I'm sure you are so used to saying it that you just said it without thinking. That would be embarassing and awkward though.

Yeah I agree! You probably just said it out of routine and as awkward as that may have been, it could happen to anyone.

cimh 9

That was my thought, that she is just so used to saying this sentence that it just came out. But damn ... I'd be sooo embarrased. I'd be happy that another nurse would do the job!

Thank you 5! OP doesn't deserve it, it was an honest mistake considering the fact that they say it so often. I highly doubt OP said it on purpose. . .

I'm pretty sure 4 comments saying the exact same thing weren't necessary.

If you look at the time Jacob, I posted this before the commenter on 4. Not to mention not everyone reads the comments.

I'm talking about the 3 other people who replied to your comment

Look before you speak

Think before you act, look before you leap, sober up before sex. All sorts of things could be avoided that way.


how could you not notice that I mean it's a pretty big oversight.

I think not noticing is the best way to avoid any discrimination.

Or noticing but not acknowledging that you noticed.

lsswimmer 1

I just gave you a thumbs up cuz of your name bieberslayer

lsswimmer 1

I just gave you a thumbs up cuz of your name bieberslayer

Harry9404 3

being someone that draws blood, your just in a routine and the words come out before you realize what you just said.

Good thing that he didn't show his dick to you. You really deserved it the show.

23, because his dick would be better than showing his middle finger to OP.

17, you seem like you're getting hurt dude. Sometimes is not enough to refuse a butt plug, I mean dick, just by complaining. You have to run away.

Tristyxxx 24

This is horrible and I'll be thumbed down but 49 was funny.

looks like the only person thumbing 49 up is himself...

64, You look like you need a "butt plug" too. You know what I mean about a butt plug.

*sigh don't feed the trolls

Dudelike89 8

I do believe getting blood drawn from the dick would be rather painful, but good suggestion....

I would have asked for another nurse as well.