By anonymous - 16/08/2013 14:05 - United States - Grandville

Today, at the yacht club I work at a girl ordered a Portabella wrap. She asked for no cheese or veggies, just the Portabellas. After she got the sandwich and ate half of it, she sent it back saying she didn't know it had mushrooms in it. FML
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Wealth is not inversely proportional to intelligence. You might just be the perfect example of ignorance, though.


"at a yacht club I work at." Tautologies ftl.

punkyboy 11

she reminds me of what justin beiber did with the vegan steak he ordered. maybe it was the same girl.

caohm 18

vegan steak now that's a shame

I agree it is a waste of time, but my question is, how does this affect OP so negatively? It's just an idiot customer that's all, unless this happens daily or something. This is just a good story to share.

1- Or a waste of perfectly good air, for that matter.

It reminded him that he has to share the Earth with these people

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Wealth is not inversely proportional to intelligence. You might just be the perfect example of ignorance, though.

You don't have to be rich to go to a yacht club. It depends I the size and stature of the club. For example, she may sail small sailboats...not expensive. Being rich doesn't make some stupid, but being ignorant, lazy, and partying all the time does.

etoilenuit 15

Or she could not sail at all and is tagging along for the day.. Either way, girls an idiot.

10, why does partying make someone an idiot?

LithFlavored 10

Well usually people don't get rich by being stupid

66, he said partying all the time and being ignorant and lazy. Partying is fine, as long as you also have other things in your life.

My family does quite well and I'm not an ignorant moron.

Hey you jerk, I belong to a yacht club, and 99% of the members are amazing people. Yes there are a few bad ones, but don't hate in a lifestyle until you live it

#2 made a point of saying 'some', so stop taking it so personally. We get that there is a ton of people who do well and are pretty decent as well, but that comment was about those who take advantage of their money to act like jerks, so if you or someone you know doesn't fit in that category, then congratulations, but the comment wasn't made about them.

I love when people's idiocy shows so blatantly.

summerguy97 16

What'd she think would be in it after it was cleansed of veggies and cheese?

even when i was young and wasnt sure what a "portabella" was, i definitely thought it to be in the veggie category

Soo... we're all gonna call her stupid for not knowing something? Oh, okay.

60- If she didn't know what she was ordering then she could've at least asked the waiter.

Also #60, she ate half of the sandwich and only then returned it.

#60 Why would you order something without knowing what it is?

#60 Typically stupidity goes with lack of knowledge. So yes.

justmeCee 16

Wow...that chick is a complete dumb ass

How stupid of you not to know portabella means pb&j

edvin_fml 10

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Actually pork buns in Spanish is cerdo bollos (sp?)

edvin_fml 10

was just joking around, but thanks for the info

NatalieOntheTram 11

What the hell did she expect to be in it? I can only imagine what this moron thought Portabellas were.

perdix 29

I thought a Portabella Wrap might be a garment you put on when you got chilly.

RedPillSucks 31

like a chilli cheese steak wrap? I always wear mine around my midsection.

I prefer to wear my wrap on my hips, like a skirt.

flashback.miss 28

The customer isn't always right.... >>'''' did she order it because of how it sounds? If she ate half of it, (which implies she liked it at some xxtent) might as well finish it.