By anonymous - United States - Grandville
Today, at the yacht club I work at a girl ordered a Portabella wrap. She asked for no cheese or veggies, just the Portabellas. After she got the sandwich and ate half of it, she sent it back saying she didn't know it had mushrooms in it. FML
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  Lacist  |  19

I agree it is a waste of time, but my question is, how does this affect OP so negatively? It's just an idiot customer that's all, unless this happens daily or something. This is just a good story to share.

By  tehman117  |  21

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  buckerado  |  19

You don't have to be rich to go to a yacht club. It depends I the size and stature of the club. For example, she may sail small sailboats...not expensive. Being rich doesn't make some stupid, but being ignorant, lazy, and partying all the time does.

  shucks101  |  11

Hey you jerk, I belong to a yacht club, and 99% of the members are amazing people. Yes there are a few bad ones, but don't hate in a lifestyle until you live it

  NotADude  |  15

#2 made a point of saying 'some', so stop taking it so personally. We get that there is a ton of people who do well and are pretty decent as well, but that comment was about those who take advantage of their money to act like jerks, so if you or someone you know doesn't fit in that category, then congratulations, but the comment wasn't made about them.

By  flashback.miss  |  28

The customer isn't always right....
did she order it because of how it sounds? If she ate half of it, (which implies she liked it at some xxtent) might as well finish it.