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You go throw him out in return.

I'm not above digging through trash if necessary. Get them before they are gone forever.


You go throw him out in return.

Not very helpful either. Just riffle through the trash and get it if you can. I know how difficult it was to get all that taken care of as I am about to pop any day now! Best wishes for you and the baby! Good luck!

Throw out his Russian nestling dolls

Have your father in law go through the trash to get that stuff back.

Hopefully you can restore those documents by going to a government agency?

Kids dont come for free, they come with something called responsibility.

@2 And pay a ton of money to replace everything? First, get that man digging through the trash.

Yeah, 52. Definitely OP's fault.

In America, you get to do all that paperwork while you're at the to your nurse and see if Canada is the same way? Don't overstress, enjoy the relaxing days you have at the hospital where you have all those extra hands for help with the newborn!

Do you not understand that his father threw out all important paperwork

I'm not above digging through trash if necessary. Get them before they are gone forever.

I once spent three hours in the big paper trash in front of my student home searching for my work contract. The other students had lots of fun with that but I was successful.

I would be telling the f-i-l to get digging first! but yes someone needs to get in that trash and look!

Ugh, I once had a roommate that threw out my paycheck! I had to go searching through the giant dumpster at our apartment complex for it. If it's not trash, and it's not yours, you don't touch it! That's my rule.

He could have "helped out" more by throwing himself out of a window.

What the hell is his problem?

Dumbfuckery with a splash of spiteful asshole.

at least it was an accident and not being an ass. good luck, OP. FYL

I agree; big oops moment. He didn't know.

Big oops or not he shouldn't go around throwing away things that aren't his.

Haha, he may have just been nervous?

That's not a legitimate excuse

So when you're nervous you just throw out everything in sight?

Not even his daughter, like damn.

Keep your chin up OP! I'm sure they made copies.

How can he mistake such important documents for trash? Imbecile.

#9 - Maybe he simply didn't read them, which he should have done. OP, I hope you can at least get copies of those documents.

#41 - I hope you're correct. If not, his IQ is about that of a potato.

And how exactly does one go about determining the IQ of a potato?

First, see if the potato can count.

A potato can help light a lightbulb! So maybe its smarter?

How is that "helping out"?