By momma - Canada - Toronto
Today, while getting ready to welcome my first child into the world, my father in law decided to "help out" and threw out a bunch of papers I needed. Like my child's application for a health card, social insurance number, and my birth plan, as well as instructions from my doctor. FML
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  webbface  |  25

Not very helpful either. Just riffle through the trash and get it if you can. I know how difficult it was to get all that taken care of as I am about to pop any day now! Best wishes for you and the baby! Good luck!


In America, you get to do all that paperwork while you're at the to your nurse and see if Canada is the same way? Don't overstress, enjoy the relaxing days you have at the hospital where you have all those extra hands for help with the newborn!

  cecilk  |  29

I once spent three hours in the big paper trash in front of my student home searching for my work contract. The other students had lots of fun with that but I was successful.

  Caitie_kid  |  8

Ugh, I once had a roommate that threw out my paycheck! I had to go searching through the giant dumpster at our apartment complex for it. If it's not trash, and it's not yours, you don't touch it! That's my rule.