By not even getting any of her shrimp - 11/02/2014 21:50 - United States - Draper

Today, I took my girlfriend out to a vegetarian-friendly restaurant. She ordered shrimp fettuccine, and I asked why. She slowly explained to me that vegetarians can eat shrimp, then muttered that she now knows who has the brains in our relationship. FML
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It's ok OP. You obviously have a brain or else you wouldn't have been able to post this.

The word she was looking for was pescatarian (the term for someone who eats fish meat but not any other kind of meat). So she was stupid to be arrogant in the first place, and doubly so for getting the term wrong.


ThatGuyWhoTalks 10

It's ok OP. You obviously have a brain or else you wouldn't have been able to post this.

Your comment doesn't work for half of the members on this site.

Sorry OP. She should have tried to explain that to you rather than make you feel dumb : That goes for anyone wether they are right or wrong.

The word she was looking for was pescatarian (the term for someone who eats fish meat but not any other kind of meat). So she was stupid to be arrogant in the first place, and doubly so for getting the term wrong.

12- I think they all have brains, just not to the level of others. Kinda like comparing a gorilla to a jellyfish....wait...okay, you're right.

I didn't know OP's girlfriend had an FML account?!

So you're surprised that you didn't know that? Is that why you put the "?!" there?

It’s obvious that OP has a brain but maybe we just read the FML in a wrong way and OP’s girlfriend made a compliment. She could have muttered the comment about the brains a little bit later, sometime after she realized what she has ordered. Then it would be a compliment because she acknowledged that her boyfriend has the brains in their relationship and not she. Think positive, OP, it’s just a matter of your point of view.

#180 um no. You're reaching. I don't think that was what she was saying or else op wouldn't have posted the story to FML.

Sorry OP. Intelligence isn't directly correlated with knowledge; if anything she's the one being arrogant for expecting that to be obvious. don't feel bad(:

Except that SHE was wrong... That would be a pescatarian, not a vegetarian. She still technically eats meat, but only fish meat

Someone can be smart and not know/understand something like that. Common knowledge to one person isn't common knowledge to another. Though, she did seem like a total **** by the tone and wording of this FML.

There is actually no argument whether a tomatoe is a fruit or vegetable. It has seeds, end of story, its a fruit.

Botanically the tomato is indeed a fruit, but culinarily it's classified as a vegetable as you tend to have it for supper, not dessert. The US courts also ruled it as a vegetable back in the... 1940s? I don't remember what year, but they had to make a ruling as vegetables were taxed at the time while fruits were not. Thus, obviously, the US decided to class the tomato as a vegetable.

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

Sometimes it's best to just let people believe what they want to believe.

Women do not simply accept being wrong, unfortunately.

I'm not saying that she's not wrong. Just that it's a woman thing

No, it's not a woman thing. It's an I'm too self-righteous and immature thing.

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Eating seafood but no meat makes a person a pescatarian. You cannot be a vegetarian and eat shrimp.

No. Vegetarians don't eat shrimp. Your mom is not a vegetarian.

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#38: I have nothing against vegans or vegetarians, and respect their life choices. However, your argument that they don't want to eat anything previously alive is fundamentally flawed. Is vegetation not alive?

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romeonsingcross 15

This is where we introduce the term "semi-vegetarian"

#38 Vegans and vegetarians are two different things you know. Vegans don't eat anything from animals. Vegetarians eat products from animals like dairy, but don't eat meat. If someone only eats seafood and no other meat they're pescetarians.

I used to be a pescatarian, and often I would just tell people I was a vegetarian knowing they wouldn't know the other term and I was too lazy to explain the difference. So yeah, sometimes pescatarians describe themselves as vegetarians to people, but it's not accurate at all.

i care for all life so i stick to a steady diet of dirt and rocks all the while ignoring what's under a microscope

Can I just say the difference between fish and processed meat is the same as the difference between a slab of steak and a processed meat. I just feel the need to clear that up because it seems every idiot personal trainer out there hears "no processed meat" and tries to cut any kind of meat out of people's diets.

Laurenlou 24

#77, I often do the same thing. I only tell people I'm a pescatarian when I am eating seafood in front of them. Otherwise, I just say vegetarian because I am also too lazy to explain what a pescatarian is to every Subway worker who takes my order.

Don't eat anything that has been alive? What do they eat then, since every plant was once alive?

131, I've been wondering that same thing myself since I first heard about vegetarianism as a small child.

Plants can live up to 3 weeks after being cut, so really just being eaten alive more often than not.

metalcrazed 21

Look up the mercury content of fish,it can be bad for you.

No, it's not. "Semi-vegetarian" is like "sort of pregnant". One either is or is not a vegetarian. And if someone eats sea creatures, that person is called a pescatarian.

150 - Your comment makes me feel bad although I'm not vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian.

Maybe she's pescetarian and you just thought she was vegetarian?

Then she wouldn't have explained to him that vegetarians can eat shrimp, would she?

zwhite2712 12

Smart and a vegan. Definitely a keeper OP.

A lot do, they consider fish, fish and not meat.

That would make them pescatarian, not vegetarian. Different types of vegetarianism allow people to eat dairy or eggs, but not meat. Also #9, there's a big difference between vegetarian and vegan.

Can someone please explain to 9 and the other people who think it that vegans and vegetarians are NOT the same...

acerredrum 23

Vegans and Vegetarians are NOT the same. Vegans - eat/use absolutely no animal products what so ever (Meat, leather, eggs, milk. Vegetarians - Eat/use no products and involve animal death. (Meat, leather, gelatin.)

acerredrum 23

Also since when are we allowed to pick and choose what is and is not meat? By that logic I decide that chicken and pork aren't meat thus, I am currently a vegetarian.

Well, in her defense, she's probably an ovo-lacto-pescatarian? Or more likely, she's just freaking dumb.

I actually didnt know vegetarians could eat shrimp. Cuz shrimp is technically meat from an animal. all of it. haha its ok OP.

That's the point... Vegetarians don't eat shrimp.

A lot of vegetarians eat fish, it's vegans who you are thinking of.

Vegetarians don't eat fish, pescatarians do

NiceGuysDoWin 21

Leary96 - You don't seem to get the point. Vegans do not consume any animal flesh or animal byproducts. Vegetarians will consume animal byproducts (eggs and milk) but will not consume the flesh of any animal (including shrimp and fish). A pescaterian is a vegetarian who makes an exception for fish. If she eats shrimp, she is not a vegetarian. She is a pescatarian.

As a carnivore, my response would have been to stare blankly and say, "Brains? BRAAAAIIIINNNNSSS!"