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Today, an elderly woman couldn't afford all of her groceries at the checkout so she started to take out a few things. I offered to pay for her groceries; she thanked me and walked out. An onlooker then came up to me and told me that she does it to someone every week. FML
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  wlddog  |  14

Wonder how often these grandparent moments have gone unnoticed. I am glad FML is here to show us how crafty they can be. I personally look forward to be the old man down the road that builds a playground in the front yard and then have a very carefully designed sprinkler system to defend it. Every time a kid comes over to play on it, they will have to cross a mine field of sensors and lasers, just to get sprayed with a subterranean water gun.
Then I wanna yell at the kids to stay out of my sprinkler system.

  Ameel_fml  |  19

Eh. It's possible she genuinely can't afford those items and maybe forgets every week or has some form of dementia. Then again, she might just be a really convincing hustler. Either way, considering how crappily our old folk are treated by the government in Australia, the OP can at least feel good they gave a pensioner a decent meal. It's more than many get. :(

  radiocaf  |  29

#3 that was inspiring, you should write fortune cookie fortunes or hallmark cards.

OP: I agree though, your heart was in the right place. Shame she violated it.

  gracehi  |  31

That's what I thought. I would have called her out--loudly! This reminds me of something that happened to me. I was in a grocery store parking lot when a young man approached me, telling me that he swore he wasn't a bum and that he needed money for gas and giving me a story about how his four month old child was stranded in his car. I told him I'd like to help him, so if he would just wait a few minutes I'd be back with a gas can. Then he got all defensive, saying he was offended that I didn't trust him, and left. I called the cops and told them about the incident, thinking that of he was scamming people that they'd take care of it, but that if he really needed help they would help him. Unfortunately, I saw him leave before the cops arrived. Then,a few months later, I was at the mall with my boyfriend when I the same guy approached us, giving us the same bull shit story about how he swore he wasn't a bum, and how he needed money for gas because his four month old baby was stranded in his car. I yelled at him so everyone around us turned to look, saying that I remembered him from before, and that he was a con artist. He tried to speak but I just yelled at him to shut up and get lost as we walked away. The con man then yelled back to me that he was going to call the cops on me. (Pffffft! Yeah right!) I then told my bewildered boyfriends the story of how I'd met the man before, and he said we should tell mall security. We told a security guard about the guy and gave him a description. We saw the same security guard again later, and he told us that he found the guy and made him leave the mall. I think that guy was a crack head or something. I doubt the old woman in this FML is a crackhead, but she's a hustler and no better.