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Today, at the dentist, the new, rather airy assistant went to prep me for an extraction. She began pulling on something in my mouth, and a moment later, I felt intense pain and then the wetness of blood. She was trying to pull out "that weird wire thing". In other words, my permanent retainer. FML
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  Kataie  |  3

No, she's not, but she should have quickly looked over the patients dental history file. You don't just take a look in a patients mouth and start doing whatever you please.

  birds_fml  |  7

She wasn't the dentist, she was a really, really bad assistant. What kind of moron just decides to pull something out of someone's mouth? What, did she think that you had a wire in your mouth for no reason and you didn't know about it? I sure hope the dentist is willing to pay to compensate you for her assistant's stupidity, otherwise, you can sue not just for damages but for pain and suffering too.

  genius_man16  |  0

True that. I really hate the sue happy culture that we live in but this is definitely something that you should sue. I mean what the fuck? "Weird wire thing?" Because people normally have wire's in their mouths for no reason at all. She didn't even ask before pulling it out?! Stupid bitch.

  regalarius  |  0

I agree #64. There is entirely too much suing going around that is part of why certain things cost as much as they do...but this chick needs to find *some* way to make amends, because she does not sound like someone who should have her hand in anyone's mouth.

I'm normally very forgiving of innocent mistakes but this is too effing much.

By  ithoughtuwasdead  |  0

aww,that sucks. what a dumbass,she should get fired for that,even if she was an assistant,it wasn't her business to touch your mouth,that's why she's the ASSISTANT and not the dentist in charge.FYL.

  takemedown  |  0

same here,
i went the other day and got a tooth pulled and was almost in tears the entire time.

and thats with numbing shit, and the dentist didn't pull out my retainer.