By ledentist - 12/09/2012 02:24 - United States - Center Barnstead

Today, my dentist dropped my bite plate for x-rays on the ground, picked it up, looked at it intently, took a couple of hairs off, and shoved it back into my mouth. FML
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Maybe you need a new dentist?

FMLshark 12

Clean it up with Orbit!


Maybe you need a new dentist?

AbstraktThoughts 13

Make sure to spit a mouthful of water at him when he rinses your mouth with water!

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How unsanitary. I agree with OP needing a new dentist, perhaps one that's not in a back alley with a sign at the door that says: Tooth check ups, $5. Yet again, I could be wrong.

Isn't there healthcare guidelines listed by all the different agencies on how to properly handle materials and limit the amount of contamination that can occur due to various reasons? I mean, I get that it can sometimes be impossible to completely 100% sterilize everything in every environment, but you'd think it would be common sense for these doctors and nurses to know that dropping something on the floor that's meant to go into YOUR MOUTH isn't a good idea....

#1, Let me rephrase that: "You need a new dentist."

Why would u let him put it back in your mouth?! Grow some balls! Maybe then you will learn to stick up for yourself and say No!

Yeah definitely need a new dentist

That's disgusting maybe go to another dentist next time?

Time to get better insurance..

FMLshark 12

Clean it up with Orbit!

Am I the only one twitching because FMLshark didn't type, "Dirty mouth?" first? I'm not criticizing you, I'm just brainwashed with catchy slogans.

FMLshark 12

I was actually debating on whether to add that. Then the edit timer ran out. I apologize, FMLers.

FMLshark 12

*FML failed me and double posted. Feel free the bury the hell out of this.*

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Shut the front door.

Franklin Deleano.

No, thats from the oreo fudge commercial i always get confused on that one too haha.

What are strands of hair doing in a dentists workplace? its so clean in there!

It should be clean yeah!!

I know right?! It's not like people are constantly shedding hairs or skin flakes! I don't think the issue is that there was debris on the floor. I think the issue was not using a sanitary tool inside of a patient's mouth.

In the medical field, anything that touches the floor is considered unsterile. The floor is never sterilized except in some extreme instances. The reason being... We walk on the damn thing with our dirty shoes. OP you should report the insistent to the profession's governing body.

27, you are correct about about that, however, do you know how dirty our mouth is naturally? Our mouth is so dirty that something like this will have absolutely zero medical impact. The only actual issue with this scenario is its "gross" and he creeped out a client.

#45. "Absolutely zero medical impact"? Do you wash your floors with your tounge?

You do realize that anything that dirty that enters the mouth can be extremely unsanitary and possible get OP sick? There's a reason why we wash our hands before every meal.

Then, you spit the bite plate at him.

Think of it as protein. ;)

KiddNYC1O 20

Wow... He took the hair off anyways...

Makes me question how "sterile" the other tools are. *cringe*

I hope he picked it up within 5 seconds!!

5 second rule!

Why the hell did you open your mouth for him to put it back in there? Bloody disgusting.

Yea the one that keeps your mouth open and makes if all dry:/ I would've gagged..

17: agreed. But I would've definitely made some loud noise until he freed my mouth then spitting the disgusting tool right in his face would be my little revenge.

my dentist has never used a tool to keep my mouth open. Plus during X-rays you have to actually bite down on that plate so keeping your mouth open with a tool would be counter productive.

seriously though, you could've slapped it out of his hand or just kept your mouth closed.