By ihavepinkbackpac - 28/02/2009 19:07 - United States

Today, I forgot to do my French homework, but since it was an online worksheet, I told my teacher my internet wasn't working. I told her with an e-mail. FML
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tell her your ISP mistakenly blocked ports 80, 8080,8000, etc. so you could still e-mail but not use http stuff

haha you think a retard who would email that to his teacher would be smart enough to make up that shit about ports and http?


tell her your ISP mistakenly blocked ports 80, 8080,8000, etc. so you could still e-mail but not use http stuff

haha you think a retard who would email that to his teacher would be smart enough to make up that shit about ports and http?

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or just tell her you sent the email of ur phone....

You have to remember most of the people on here don't know what that means

Or he could say he had 3G on his phone and sent the email.

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Well the Op obviously has an iPhone or IPod. So he could have just said that he has Internet on his phone and he was able to send the email from there. Easy answer.

nichole818 5

Except emails sent from your phone say "Sent from -insert name- iPhone" or whatever smart phone she has.

1024 is an idiot, you could easily turn that off. And if you block those ports, how would you be able to email? Im pretty sure you need internet to email. So many people here who know nothing about computers.

No offense meant , dearie, but this by blocking a port , it is definitely possible to send Emails but not websites.

1028 some people use mail programs like outlook and Microsoft live, they use ports like 125, 25, 110 and so on

Most phones when sending an email will mark the email as "sent by mobile device" or somethin at least my phone does that

1023- what makes it so obvious that OP has an iPod/iPhone?

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That is an optional signature that is easy to turn off or change

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The FML community is great for a support system. Your FML turned from a YDI to a non-fml.

Blocking those ports cuts the connection to HTTP pages, regular websites, but not SMTP servers, that serve email. You are one of those people who know nothing about computers.

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An isp blocking http ports...scumbag comcast!

Pretty sure the OP isn't smart enough for this.

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#1023 Really... Is it obvious? Where does the post mention an iPhone or iPod?

It's like you've never heard of 3G or 4g

#856 You need the Internet to send a email on anything...unless OP just HAPPENED to have a data plan which would still need to be connected to nearby wifi...

Say you used your iPho- Oh wait that's right... It's 2009

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The iphone was released in 2007...

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That sounds like something I'd do... *high-five* =)

woah dude I feel bad for u cuz of ur bio that's aad

Oh yeah your profile is sad..... But in love at 10 and buy a 100$ ring?!? Wtf what 10 year old Has that money?!?

When i was 12 I bought a iPad 2. He saved money, that is how

Quick fix: tell her you sent the email on your phone that has internet data (which you couldn't do a worksheet on) but the internet on your computer was down. Don't have a smart phone? Tell her you used your mom's/friend's. Problem solved.

Did you just say leave? We need a better punishment... Pay someone to blindly throw sharp objects in your direction.

say u did it wit emailed it with moms 3g iphone and u couldnt do the homework on the iphone cuz screens to small

Brb, going get Rosetta Stone so I can understand that.

Rosetta stone cant translate gibberish

^very true... I'll have to think this one over... *scratches peach fuzz beard whilst deep in thought*

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I gave you a thumbs down for your grammar.

Ok I'm not even joking but wtf did u just say? xD

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"See? You can still understand me so stfu"

wow 17 shut the **** up im sorry i am not in the right sttate of mind and cant tyepe

wow #8 & #9 this FML was the most deserved FML ever! You all agreeing with it makes yall completely retarded!

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8 isn't agreeing as much as he is saying that he himself would do that because of idiocy.

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That's true but I say y'all all the time too so get over it hun (;

Honey, please; you aren't Southern enough to pull off a y'all without looking stupid. Y'all ain't doin' it right.

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There is nothing wrong with saying y'all... If you're from the south! If you live anywhere else it has to be you all. I just can't picture other people pulling it off right

Are you the worst photo editor ever? Look how much of your face you missed when cutting the picture in photoshop!! Oh wait... You just wanna show your boobs So people (males) will like you.

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#1056 and bi/lesbian women too.

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that is something that i would totally do. nice one haha.

lol you could have just said you were at the library or something, durrr.