By clitty clitty bang bang - United States - Brownsville
Today, after two years of vigorously fundraising on behalf of my senior class, they voted on spending the senior trip money at a waterpark. It's less than thirty minutes from where we all live. FML
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  domking1315  |  20

Well wont that be a great memory... (memory cloud appears) some little kid's in the pool shouting at his mom that he just pissed in the pool. Ahh the memories

  Right_Click  |  12

3, you have to take into consideration the fact that all the time fundraising could have been put to something exciting, not a place that's around the corner, figuratively speaking. Say you have a birthday and you want to go out to eat. You don't go for McDonald's, right? Not for a place that will be there any other time. You go somewhere exquisite and out-of-the-ordinary. Same with how OP feels.. :)


113- Sure, be an asshole to me. At least it might make you feel better about yourself, and your hairline.. You know, just because you don't know me, doesn't mean I'm not a person too. Thank you.

  Ameel_fml  |  19

It depends on what type of trip OP was expecting/promised. Our final-year trip was meant to be an overseas trip to France. But the teachers conveniently "forgot" to book tickets, so we were stuck going to a lousy camping ground that was an hour's drive from the school :(