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Today, at my job as a librarian at an old library, I was shelving books. Things were great until one entire bookshelf fell over. The damage wasn't too bad. Then the rest fell down. FML
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What doesn't kill you... Gets you fired.

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This reminds me of the movie, "The Mummy."


Ouch, sorry OP. I hope the damage was to the books instead of you

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I guess you could say you wer'nt READy Haha I'm a terrible person .....

Terrible is an understatement for that one.

#3 That's of the worst puns I've ever heard

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Sounds like you've got book worms... No?...shit, I guess I'll be leaving

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getting as bad as terrible puns, beside when people say "oh that's so punny" is when people end said terrible pun with "no?.. OK... bye..."

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This reminds me of the movie, "The Mummy."

I'd be surprised if this actually happened, probably watched the mummy last night

This is exactly why I came to the comment section! I bet OP had just watched this movie..

Really, cause my mum is a librarian and that's never happened to her and I doubt it's happened to anyone she works with.

Only heard of that in movies or tv shows, on the bright side you'll definitely be kept busy for the rest of the day..or week.

It'll give you plenty of practice with the Dewie decimal system

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One plank of heavy wood hits the one next to it, 12 times over. Inertia an equal force take effect.

Thank you 14, the question is how it started, especially as OP was just stacking books...

The shelves were probably rotting or the supports finally gave way. nothing lasts forever

But it doesn't say OP was stacking, it says shelving, in which case he was probably on a ladder for the somewhat high shelves since that's the safest way. One wrong shift in weight and the whole thing got off balance and fell.

Usually the shelves are made of metal not wood but they are very sturdy. It would take a lot to get them to fall over so I have a suspicion op is lying.