By Anonymous - United States - San Francisco
Today, my mom told me that she heard me and my best friend in my room grunting and talking about how hard we were. She said she loved me and accepted me no matter what. Thanks mom, but we were working out. FML
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By  Pstraka6  |  20

All in all that situation is pretty funny, but go explain to her what you were actually doing so she knows. That's pretty awesome though your mom is that accepting! Think about that for a minute too

  Isandri  |  29

Yeah, I am jealous for such parent. My mom only told me that she hopes, that my friend is only my friend idd, and nothing more. My girlfriend wasn't happy about it :(

By  mustangbravo  |  27

I guess I can see her assumption. Your mom is pretty cool to say that. I agree with earlier posts. Just explain and all should be well. It will be a funny story for the future.