By ChildFree - 20/04/2015 23:55 - Saudi Arabia - Riyadh

Today, my mother-in-law asked me when my fiancé and I were going to start having children. When I told her we weren't planning on having any, she went on a tirade about how selfish and cold I am for denying her precious grandchildren. Now she hates me. FML
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You should do whatever seems best for you. I never understood why people pressure others to have kids.

Mother-in-laws are always a pain. Do what you want and dont listen to her


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I hope they do whatever feels right for the two of them, it's their life after all.

It's their decision if they want to have children or not. No - one should ever feel pressured into having children, especially not by a (seemingly) overbearing mother-in-law

Why? Just so she can satisfy her selfish mother in law. I can totally understand why people don't want kids it's a huge responsibility.

Surprise, #1! You're the problem. Don't EVER do this to someone IRL.

leogachi 15

I love how nobody caught on that your username is Opression. Nice trolling.

If both of them change minds, then its not a win either. It would mean that the M-I-L wouldnt want grandkids while OP would... Go figure.

It's not compulsory for everyone on Earth to reproduce, I for one respect people who admit they don't want kids. There's more to life than that ,I hope you come to realise that :)

"Family" is not synonymous to "children". They already have a family: Each other, parents and parents-in-law, probably siblings and cousins and grandparents, aunts and uncles.

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life is everyone's choice to decide, i have 2 wonderful children and wouldn't give them up for the world, but just because that's what i like i respect everyone's decision for what they want just as well

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#38- no no no. #1 was saying they hope that she and her fiancé change their minds about having children.

1, I assume you were trolling. But if not, you definitely don't want people having children if they don't want them. There are enough parents out there who don't know how to discipline their children, who are mean to their kids, and lots of kids that are abused or unloved. People should only have kids if they are ready for the responsibility, are prepared to put their kids first above themselves, love them unconditionally, and are ready to discipline and be a parent instead of a best friend.

Mother-in-laws are always a pain. Do what you want and dont listen to her

Woman Hitler (letters of mother in law rearranged for those of you who don't know, though I'm sure most do) at it again, ready to dictate your life as she sees fit. To each their own OP. sorry she hates you but hold your ground indeed.

incoherentrmblr 21

Well, as long as she doesn't become a Monster-in-Law, you should be fine...

I disagree. Despite what we hear and all the movies we see. There are awesome in-laws out there. My sister-in-laws love my mom so much, one of them actually prefers my mom to her actual mom. They have group texts, hang out, and see each other a few times a week. Agreed, my family is a rarity, but it can happen. We're very blessed with a huge family that all love each other a lot.

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What you should have said is we're not planning on having any yet.

leogachi 15

Why? They shouldn't have to pretend that they want kids just to please a person who wouldn't have raised them anyway.

JMichael 25

It was meant as a joke. Damn people on here take things way too seriously.

That's a tad ironic #36 don't you think?

Your joke was unfunny.

It certainly is their life choice not to have kids, however, when addressing parents and in laws in regards to this, a little bit of care for their feelings is appreciated. Bluntly answering never is harsh as one always dreams of holding the offsprings of their own child

That's not their dream to have or force on other people.

Some care for OPs feelings from the M.I.L. would have been nice. And no where does it say that she was rude or blunt to her M.I.L. about the choice not to have children.

People like your granny keep the population alive.

The world is already grossly overpopulated. Regardless, their life, their decision. FYL OP

No, people like monster-in-law destroy families and blame it on their victims.

I have a genetic kidney disease. Both my mom and my grandfather (and probably countless other family members) died from this disease. When my mom was first diagnosed (I was about 10), I decided I would never have children because, especially after watching what the disease did to my mom, I would never want to pass that on to my children. My mom spent a lot of time feeling guilty because she passed it on to her children. I'm 38. I like kids (I'm a teacher, for heaven's sake), and if I ever change my mind, I would adopt, but honestly, I like my life without children. I get really annoyed when people pull the "survival of the species" card. There are a lot of reasons someone may not want children and it's nobody's business except for that person and his or her partner.

@57 I feel you. Everyone on my father's side (yes, EVERYONE) has had a bypass before their 60th, so I decided to never have biological children too. Doesn't stop anyone I know from telling me that I "shouldn't let that stop" me. Like, are you serious? I think you're making a wise choice, I'd never want my kids to start a cholesterol diet at 18 like I had to, or have to start meditating to stop blood pressure from becoming a problem either. Not every gene needs to be passed.

I'm so sorry guys...

57 & 85, I totally get that. If I had a genetic condition like that, I wouldn't want to pass that on. Especially when there are so many kids that are unloved out there and longing to be adopted. I have a stomach condition and deal with chronic pain and they say it's idiopathic (they don't know why I have it or how I got it). But I've wondered if there's any way it could get passed on, even though research seems to show that it never is. I certainly wouldn't want any kid having to go through what I have.

You should do whatever seems best for you. I never understood why people pressure others to have kids.

Because most are desperate to keep their family going.

@26 it's more a society thing. You're supposed to have kids and if you don't want them at 20... you'll want them at 30 "trust me". I've got my half brother to keep the family name going and my mom has 7 brothers and sisters. I'm still just 'expected' to have kids, even though our family name(s) is in no danger of dying out.

Stick with what you want the most and don't worry about her hating you. She's clearly too stuck up to be a person you'd want to please - please just be happy with you future husband. ü

Parenting isn't for everyone. respect a person's choice to know what is best for them There are enough unwanted and/or unplanned kids out there to tell you the same thing

Well, how dare you! FYL.

Can't tell if sarcastic?

Don't care.

Some people just don't want kids. I know some parents who should not be parents, and are. Sometimes the kid is better off not being born than growing up in a shitty household, with a parent/s that don't look after them to the full extent. Just ignore your mother in law OP!