By linda - 22/11/2010 21:14 - United States

Today, I went to get my hair highlighted at the salon. The salonist mixed up my blonde hair dye with some other girl's hot pink and violet dye. Now I look like a cheap hooker. FML
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TheB0a 5

So blonde, pink and violet ? I don't think a cheap hooker could afford all those colors =P


DudeImBetter 0

bs the expensive hookers are great it's the cheap ones that leave you after year long relationships.

I though blondes and cheap hookers was synonymous

wouldn't that make the cheap one the expensive one in the long run?

So now you look like a typical Jersey girl.

I hope with all my dear life this chick is Ke$ha

I feel sorry for the girl who now probably has hideous blonde hair

chillax girl. get over it? and cheap hookers don't have pink & purple hair. ?

Not to mention it's virtually impossible to mix up pink/violet dye with blonde dyes because they are all different colour dyes. Blondes tend to be white to light brown, whereas pink and purple are... what was it again? Oh, right! PINK and PURPLE. They are also not permanent colours, so they fade with washes and are easy as hell to strip.

bunnynomsflower 2

not if she were a platinum blonde then it'll say there for ever!

Tell everyone you were going for a Jem vibe. :]

*Truly* outrageous. Sorry. I'm not picky about most things but we're talking about Jem here.

DudeImBetter 0

actually 121 you're odd and 92 is even.

You should sue. Since it was THEIR fault that your hair color was mixed with someone else's they should offer you a free do-over. FYL for getting a crappy salonist.

#13 I'm an American and I'm highly against suing, especially in a mix-up as benign as this situation. Is that even more confusing for you? I hope I don't make your brain explode.

Sue them for semi-perminent die? It'll wash out and fade, or if she wants it will easily bleach out, talk about over reacting!....

#22 I wasn't flinging any hate your way, I was merely flinging sarcasm. I wasn't trying to be mean, I promise! I'm quite nice, and anything that may seem mean is really just me joking.

1) Puerto Rico is an American territory, so she could be called American after all depending on how you look at it. 2) It's only a select few that give Americans the reputation of being sue-happy, we aren't all like that. 3) That bit with the razor is just plain disturbing. But other than that, I agree with you, #13, about how suing would be a completely outrageous overreaction.

Bullshit! KaySL, you should sue nerdsgetmehot for defamation of character, libel, malpractice, and pain and suffering! And stuff.

Ah, #13/26 sorry to be on the defense, just saw your post explaining the sarcasm.

21 - No where does it say "semi-permanent dye". Doc/Kay - BRB. gotta get the popcorn so I can continue watching this... love/hate/love relationship.

Steff, trust me KaySL TOTALLY deserved all that stuff from me. You should have seen the size of the watermelon, and the curling iron was just over the top. Whoa...TMI...

49 you can only get pink in semi permenant it is not available as a permenant dye

Wrong. The salon my sister went to had permanent pink dye. I know this because she got - wait for it - permanent pink dye in her hair!

Look, I tried to explain about the crowbar and motor oil, but you didn't ******* listen. Forget the goddamned 10-W30 next time and just stick with good old Vaseline and elbow grease. Jesus.

definitely sue them. that way your ridiculous ass will be out 17X the amount of time and money it would take to just RE DYE your hair. damn

people that live in puerto Rico aren't Americans you dumbass, they're north Americans, big difference (or south Americans? idk I suck at geography). A Canadian is not American, we're north American. Maybe puerto Tucana wish they were American, but sucks to be them, doesn't it?

Emo girl, you wanna talk about lawsuits, then you ought to sue whoever the hell gave you that haircut!

#139 That was pretty rude and unnecessary.

I agree with 140, don't make unnecessary bitchy comments. Thanks.

Mr_Zachary 0

i dunno 140, i thought it was hilarious...

139- That was a low blow. Especially since there's nothing wrong with her hair. Just her take on suing.

I'm an American and I don't like how everybody sues everybody. they're what's wrong with our society and court system. it sucks for OP, but suing? by the time the court date came around their hair would be back to normal.

Any unnatural colors like blue pink purple etc are temporary. You won't ever find a semi-permanent or permanent color like that.

Ninjasaurus18 9

That's a lie. My hair is a mix of extremely vivid shades of red velvet red and deep inky blue-black. Its permanent. As in, will fade a bit, but never truly come out. It's been like this for 2 months no re-dyings.

roaminginsomniac 0

Could be worse. You could have that hot pink and violet dye in your gray hair. Just have the salon take it out. Unless you went to some place really cheap, they know how to do that, and can fix the problem.

RosiePatosie 0

Just wait a few days and re-dye it. (: Yeah, it'll damage your hair, but whatever, at least you won't look like a hooker.

Make them do a colour match and redo it to what you wanted and if they cannot due to lack of skill then make them pay for you to go to a salon that can do it.

TheB0a 5

So blonde, pink and violet ? I don't think a cheap hooker could afford all those colors =P

Ninjasaurus18 9

Cuz they have personality-__-