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Today, I told my dad that I have a very serious drinking problem and that I need to go to rehab because I can't stop on my own. He told me that I just need to make new friends and suggested I join a sorority. FML
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if you are old enough to drink, you are old enough to check yourself into rehab

I have never seen such terrible advice for such a serious concern. Not trying to step on toes and may catch flak for the post, but alcoholism is a medically defined disease. It is beyond just drinking heavily. And while it may be fun in college, by the time you reach midlife, it is pure hell. For the poster, there are great facilities in Kansas. If this really is a problem for you that you can't just stop, continue the initiative, call them. I promise you, you won't regret it later when you look back on this. -CltCounselor


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its a FYL and A YDI FYL because thats just weird XD but YDI for having serious drinking problems

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Great Dad!

He is you stupid **** what do you want him to say? "oh you can get through this..." if it is a 'serious' problem it requires a 'serious' solution.

FYL for daddy never teaching you self control!

he may have a point. I imagine if you stick around a sorority long enough and it'll make you hate drinking.

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YDI for drinking in the first place.

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**** you dumbass

if you are old enough to drink, you are old enough to check yourself into rehab

Yeah if you wait until it's legal but must people don't.

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One does not just stop drinking. If they're an addict, they won't be able to without dying.

I suppose you've been addicted to various things but your balls of steel allow you to do whatever you want, right?

So you're obviously an expert on addictions and alcoholism. Tell me more.

I can't decide but I think fyl

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People go to college to meet girls who drink too much and like to party. Just make sure you're putting out, and using condoms when its a dude. Oh, and don't drink to the point where you can't tell where you are. Just have enough to get you laid, and go one with your business.

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That's some great advice! Ever thought of writing a self-help book? "College Supply List: Condoms & Booze."

I would buy that book

Rehab? Have you even tried AA? You sound like a major drama queen.

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i agree. this is so mega dramatic.

I don't really find it all that dramatic. She went to her dad for help with a psychological issue because she couldn't fix it on her own. It's not like she posted a whiny, attention-seeking Facebook status about it for all the world to see... Kudos to you, OP. It takes courage to realize you have a problem and to do something about it. Good luck to you ^_^

If you're in college you don't have a drinking problem until you graduate. You should join a sorority and see if they think you have a drinking problem. If they think that then I'd be worried, but if you're in college you really shouldn't worry about a drinking "problem"

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Not all sororities are made up of alcoholics. Some sororities have alcohol free events and are not allowed to drink while wearing letters. Therefore before making a stupid comment like that become more informed.

I agree. On my campus we have sororities that refuse to be associated with alcohol. So please don't assume that all sororities are just for partying and drinking.

Sorority sobriety, it's all the same : )

I can see where you got your ineffective coping skills. Be sure to mention that in rehab.