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By wtf - 24/10/2011 22:46 - United Kingdom

Today, my parents staged a family intervention and gave me the grandest bollocking I've ever experienced in all my 22 years of life. They did this because my sister showed them a photo of me jokingly posing with three bottles of Bud Light at a party. Apparently, I'm an alcoholic in denial. FML
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saIty 17

If only you posed with 6 beers on your belly. You could have argued that you wanted to create a six pack.


m0tl3ycru3 0

They probably watched intervention then overreacted.

joecelticsballa 0

What bitches u got for a family

We don't have the term "bollocking" in the states. I thought bollox were slang for testes. The idea of bollocking from parents gives me a distasteful image.

starquality 7

It's cool. My parents did that to me too...

riceicle1 6

Yeah Bollocks is slang for testes but is mostly used in bad situations instead of swear words, and bollocking means being told of or yelled at.

LiveLaughFML 10

it's okay, OP. admitting you have a problem is the first step toward recovery. us FMLers are not here to judge you.

How dare you pose with 3 beer bottles your family is right you've got a big problem you naughty boy.

KronikSplakkn 4

Well at least it wasn't three bottles of Seagrams Wine Coolers. They would have given you a lecture about accepting your sexuality .

By that standard, I'm tipsy right now and haven't had anything to drink since Friday!

YDI for risking taking a picture like that having that kind of parents! I can tell you from personal experience because I have parents like that too that you have to make sure they dont know what goes on with your life... Im pretty sure that when I say Im going to a party the picture a cake and a piñata

skata 4

64- or mikes hard lemonade...

LiyIa_fml 8

Eh, I would sit there in the intervention, nodding my head pretending to be paying attention. All while, I'm really plotting revenge against the sister. Or, just flip your family off and walk away.

missmurderx 8

89- OP is 22.. He's legally an adult. You shouldn't be afraid to drink just because of your parents, let alone take a picture with alcohol. That he's legally allowed to drink. :o

vibeplayer1112 0

Mikes has more alcohol than a bud.

RouletteRed 6

Lol. Look at the bright side! You atleast got to look cool for three seconds =D.

Pabs24 0

23 Just stop talking. You make America look bad.

Oh my god OP! how dare you "jokingly" take a picture with beer in your hand! your the reason our generation looks bad these days.. OH WAIT! let me stop myself before to many people get offended reading this. -_-

23- in the UK "bollocks" is considered to be swearing

Am I the only one who read this in an English accent?

Hannah_grace1414 12
m0tl3ycru3 0

"There's a bunch of people of people here who just love the heck out of you."

Three bottles of bud makes you an alcoholic? What the hell does that make the Russians?

80- i apologize but i accidentally thumbs upped your comment. i meant to thumb it down. the charlie sheen references were funny 6 months ago.

skata 4

I don't know about all time worst, but it definitely makes the not top ten

mostdopesince92 0
flockz 19

seeing as how u two have under 100 comments combined, i dont think your qualified to make that assumption.

What has the number of comments a person posted got to do with the number they have seen?

How can one be sarcastic if the comment does not relate to the FML?

skata 4

141- seeing as you don't know me or how many stupid comments I have seen, I don't think you're qualified to make that assumption

iFizzgig 11

Skata, based on your description, I don't believe anything you say.

skata 4
niiick97_fml 3

An alcoholic in denial. See it all the time

niiick97_fml 3

It was sarcasm. Dnt be so harsh.

Everybody always says that they were being sarcastic when everybody else thinks their comment is crap.

That's what you get for having a good time apparently. FYL, buddy.

The first step to the cure is acceptance of your problem

You'll probably become an alcoholic after that situation. Beat of luck buddy!

Petunia888 13

Always consider who your audience may be before posing for a pic.

phoenixslayer69 4
NinaTatianna 9

Uhh, no. what he needs to do is print out some articles for his parents or make them watch a movie that shows what a party is like. Thats a big accusation for being in a picture with beer.... your parents seem really naive...

ImFrackinBored 13

your audience is the whole damn internet...

Petunia888 13

178: That's exactly why OP should have thought twice before posing for the pic. I guess I'm the only one that does that.

FruityLoooons 8

Three bottles = alcoholic? Haha, okay.

If 3 bottles makes you an alcoholic then I'm a freakin Irishman.

Not fair! You could have been an Irishman from the beginning. Then what becomes of the statistics???

saIty 17

If only you posed with 6 beers on your belly. You could have argued that you wanted to create a six pack.

Why would you want a six pack if you could have the whole keg?

bizarre_ftw 21

Why do you care about a keg? You own the whole Brewery in family guy!

If three means alcoholic, this guy is.. I don't even know what. (picture reference)

12 jäger bombs.. Ha That's not alcoholism that's fun!

Yeah but it's more then 3 beers. By... A lot. I think. I don't really know.

... Let me break this down nice and slow.... Yes that is way more than three beers.. No its wasn't just for me in fact it was for eleven others. When you become a grown up you'll understand.

Can't handle more then one shot of jägermeister in a glass of Red-Bull? I was joking about not knowing if it was more then three Bud light earlier, if you don't know.

samiwammy 5

Seriously? I would hate to have your parents.. Just saying