By Midion - United Kingdom - Cambridge
Today, I biked to the lake. And by "to" I mean "into". With my phone in my jacket and my laptop in my backpack. FML
Midion tells us more :
Sorry for the typo. I had this funny adventure and I didn't want to open an account to share it. By the way, I do exist in Milton (Cambridshire), and the lake was in Mill Road, Cambridge. I had to f***ing bike 20 minutes back home totally wet. Luckily my impermeable jacket and my rain-proof backpack saved my electronics.... Let's make a laugh together on it! Cheers, El Midion (this name is obviously not real, I don't wanna tell you my real one! XD)
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  Midion  |  6

By the way, just to answer all the comments about that Pokémon thing: I have a Zenphone. This damn game is not for Intel Atom processors. FML

By  revolvearoundme  |  15

This seems like a silly thing to do. You probably should have taken your electronics off your person before going in the water. Long gone are the days of pushing someone into a lake and not doing $1,000 worth of damage.


Oh, I'm glad you explained that to me. I thought OP did it intentionally and just didn't realize that electronics and water didn't mix. There wasn't anything in the post to say it was unintentional. When I was younger we used to ride bikes off ramps into lakes all the times. Course there weren't any laptops or cellphones back then. worst you could damage was a walkman, or your nuts.

  Shaky_Spear  |  11

What if they were an iPhone 6S Plus 128GB with lots of photos and memories on it and a MacBook Pro with loads of important files on it? Bearing in mind not that many people keep backups, how easy do you think that will be to replace?

I LOVE your positivity though, wish I could be that bright all the time. ^_^