By Anonymous - 31/03/2014 17:15 - Japan - Takarazuka

Today, as I walked out the door to head to class, my neighbour's kid threw a balloon at me, filled with some kind of foul-smelling liquid that he calls "liquid ass". I had a presentation 20 minutes later and couldn't get the smell off myself in time. FML
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Wow, that's a hell of a prank. Ruin someone's day/week for your jollys. Bummer OP.

How many friends do you have after that assholery


Look it up online I use it to prank all my friends

How many friends do you have after that assholery

Liquid Pass has been used in my school a few times. Why put people through the misery?

Isn't it the same as stink bombs? Some assholes used to throw those back in my middle school.

Not exactly Lexi - from googling it seems to be in a squirt bottle so you can squirt it on people and have them smell like shit rather than an area.

KingOfPokemon - You are an asshole. Someone needs to teach you a lesson. Hopefully you prank the wrong person soon. Do you like hospital food?

Nothing wrong with a prank between friends!

Yeah, but you don't just throw a stink bomb at someone for amusement. It's obtuse behavior and I don't see the funny part in it.

It's called a harmless prank you autist.

Wow, that's a hell of a prank. Ruin someone's day/week for your jollys. Bummer OP.

I agree. It's not even a good prank. A good prank is one you can laugh off and typically won't affect your/someone's daily life. An example is short-sheeting.

Or garlic powder in their soda. Salt in the sugar dish. Duct tape in their socks.

If anybody stuck garlic powder in my Coke, there would be serious problems. That's no short term issue.

What is short sheeting? I read it somewhere else too but I don't know what that actually means.

I think he needs to get his calendar straight. April fools is tomorrow. Even though that wasn't exactly a funny prank.

Not 100% sure, but I think it might actually be tomorrow in Japan. Still, dick move.

FYL OP. Think it's time to have a talk with his/her parents. Pranks are all fun as long as they don't ruins someone's livelihood.

Disagree, stink bombs, that is a prank, anything touching a person can be deemed assault.

They aren't necessarily exclusive from each other. ;-)

Well, he's a real asshole.

Go to your corner...

Hopefully nobody was rude enough to point it out. FYL, OP :(

Well, hopefully it didn't smell too too bad.

Nah, don't worry. It only smelled "too bad", but not "too too bad".