By Project-Mayhem - 02/12/2009 10:57 - United States

Today, my family went to the Christmas tree farm, and cut down the perfect tree. When we got home we put the kids down for a nap and took some time to relax. We went out to the truck to bring the tree into the house, it was gone. Someone stole my Christmas tree from my driveway in broad daylight. FML
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peacockfeather 0

Ninjas want to celebrate christmas too you know.:)

Whoops, I thought you were gonna throw it out. My bad :)


gtridr 1

lol first nice


You know, it's extremely Project Mayhem-like, this sorta' thing. =P Kinda ironic.

OP, was it the grynch??

Lol I lawld @ this post! Someone STOLE your Christmas tree? How does that even happen? I mean...they couldn't have gotten far. Just drive down the road and look for the person running with a Christmas tree under their arm.

lol idiot take the tree inside ur garage or something

RusselFaraday 0

that's just wrong

first lolo

Dr.pwn just got pwned.

Whoops, I thought you were gonna throw it out. My bad :)

peacockfeather 0

Ninjas want to celebrate christmas too you know.:)

awesome @ #5

plutosaplanet 0

well thats not very Christmas spirit-y =(

Happy Holidays!

.......Obviously, the thief was an idiot. Sure, steal the tree that has little monetary value, but leave the goddamn TRUCK. For some reason...I'm thinking the culprits are a bunch of neighborhood kids. You'll probably find the tree later on like my brother found his bike: just down the street, covered in silly string and piss. 'Tis the season to be pranking, fa la la la la, la la la la!

i was wondering that too :P

dahlia_springs 0

maybe whoever stole it can't afford a tree by themselves...

Moonstarmist 0

That's no excuse.

When I was broke and living with roommates when I first started college we put a twig in a coke bottle, hung random shit from around the house on it and celebrated Canadian boxing day instead of Christmas. Being poor isn't an excuse for theft.

That sucks. Go get another tree and maybe dont leave it unattended. Youd think you would notice someone making off with your tree tho as im assuming it wasn't tiny? Anyways a pox on the thiefs and i hope its got some scary squirrel resting in it ala national lampoon...

Wow, I guess it really was perfect! Go back to the christmas tree farm and tell your story, then maybe they'll give you a close-to-perfect tree :)