By STOP - Australia - West Hoxton
Today, it's five days until my wedding and I still can't tell my bride apart from her twin sister. They share clothes, have the same haircut, and they even take turns flirting with me to "catch me off guard" because they think it's hilarious to trick me. I'm scared I'll marry the wrong one. FML
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  kaablam  |  17

Good advice, but it says they like to trick him.. At least she doesn't get mad at you and thinks it's hilarious instead.. Have you thought maybe you need some glasses? I'm sure there are marks that are different on their faces.

  Ian7890  |  23

hey they are both the same, who cares which one he marries right? ha no this is a serious matter

  MrsDruidess  |  23

OK in case they do a dress swap, doubtful as a wedding is too important for jokes like that, do something else like clip her pinky nail on her left hand really short. that way when you put the ring on, you can check ;-) but if she gets her nails done the day of that won't work. . .
clip the sisters nail! hahaha who cars what her nails look like.
your screwed OP, good luck!!

  spoo  |  24

Exactly, when you sign the marriage cert, just make sure the name you are signing as your wife is right...

Sides you now have an excuse to be romantic with the wrong one too :o

  NiceGuysDoWin  |  21

In most western countries, the ceremony is just for show anyway. Most people don't understand that a wedding is just a big ritualistic party to celebrate the marriage, but the marriage itself is only valid if and when you sign the contract documents. Frankly, your best man could be in the dress and give the vows, and at the end of the day you would still be married to whoever signed the marriage licence.

  yusi1891  |  7

You can always stick a tracker up your girl's. Then every time they try to trick you, discreetly go on your phone and try to find her in the room. I'm sure there's an app for that.

  ilovesarcasm  |  18

Ambush the wrong twin with a permanent marker closer to the wedding. Either the mark itself or the scrub marks should last long enough for you tell the difference between them and get through the ceremony.

Edit: nevermind someone beat me to it lol

  ksks1234  |  33

I know most guys have, but I have always though isn't that inbreeding? I obviously know that two females cannot conceive, but she is still banging her sister.

  Pleonasm  |  34

You don't have to be the one touching yourself for it to be masturbation, as far as I know, someone else doing the work for you is also called masturbation.
As far as self-masturbation goes, just because someone has your DNA identical to you doesn't mean that they are essentialy you, since the environment, epigenetics, psychology- all those things make that person completely different at the same time.


Lol I know eh!? I was definitely thinking everybody would be thumbing it down like crazy...looks like there are still people out there who have a good sense of humor, with a bit of a kinky side ;)

  ItsATwinThing  |  9

Identical twins have the exact same DNA, however things like finger prints are different. Fraternal twins have 50/50 just like any normal brother or sister. Of course the environment and experiences do make a difference for identical twins.

By  Pixiecrack  |  11

While she's sleeping mark your bride with a permanent marker on the back of her neck, behind her u have a small discrete marker to tell who she is...anytime u need to know fake a neck rub

  ohjoy15  |  33

@#14 Great idea but permanent marker comes off after a few showers.

OP could take his fiancé to get a manicure/acrylic nails. It takes a lightsaber to pry those things off outside the salon.

You'll know the one with the nice nails is your fiancé.

  ManicGypsy  |  22

#158 What would stop the other twin from getting the same manicure? They would probably do that on purpose.