By Anonymous - 20/04/2009 01:40 - United States

Today, it was pouring rain outside, I had 2 textbooks in my hands. I took a shortcut, and instead of running around the small pole that directed the line at the cafe, I decided to jump over it. In front of a group of guys, my foot got caught and I face planted with my books flying everywhere. FML
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love4running 0

this is another example of the need for a "no one cares" button

LOL i've done that before, but under different circumstances


LOL i've done that before, but under different circumstances

#1!!!!!!!! How is that a shortcut? Also, hahahahahahahahahahaha. That would have been hilarious to watch

Actually, your books didn't fly EVERYwhere. The most they could have flown was in 2 directions. Also, the mention of the textbooks is a pretty mundane detail compared to the embarrassment and pain of the fall.

RawrrKai 0

LMFAO. Sucks for you. I never do anything that could humiliate me in the worst way in front of guys.

beannlove 7

im sure OP didnt plan on faceplanting..

jeez. sucks to be you

Lol that really sucks. Hopefully they checked to see if you were okay?

Agree with #3. When you mention that it was in front of a bunch of guys, it makes me think you are FMhetero but unfortunately the Occam Razor in my imagination has me picturing a Mgay.

OP: You teach ballet, don't you? YDI And #1: You're a ******* retard, go kill yourself. We all know you were the first to comment, we aren't blind. It's NOT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT!

Shocker, now man up and get on with your life