By Blink_me26 - 19/08/2013 04:50 - Australia - Balwyn

Today, I bid on an item on eBay, only to find the exact item I wanted later while out in the city. I bought it, assuming I would be outbid, as always. Nope. FML
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Blink_me26 tells us more.

I did not expect this to get posted at all haha well anyway it was actually a pink unicorn onesie (yes I'm a child inside), I'm definitely going to buy it because it's not the seller's fault and my best friend is going to buy it off me for a onesie party she's going to so I'll just change the address to her house, no harm done. I'm very surprised I won the auction because I am always outbid at the last minute, the demand for pink unicorns probably isn't very high. Thanks for your comments, even the one that said I was an asshole lol :)

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Just ask to cancel the order. Explain why. They usually understand. If you are nice to them they are usually nice back! Works for me.

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Just ask to cancel the order. Explain why. They usually understand. If you are nice to them they are usually nice back! Works for me.

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What if the other bride has already been shipped?

they dont ship it till you pay for it so as long as he didn't pay for it, the seller can just relist the item

It's an auction, you won. Honor your agreement. You can sell it later it you want to. Don't bid if you are not going to buy.

horrible response, you know the amt of time effort and nrg that goes into a listing?

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Return the item you bought while you were out and about. If you've already opened the packaging, wait until you get the item from eBay and return that as the original to the store you bought the other from.

I guess eBay has changed since last time I used it. When I sold stuff on eBay, I had to pay eBay based on how much it sold for (or based on the starting bid, it's been a while). There was no "oopsie! I take that back."

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#34 he was gonna buy, but he found exactly what he wanted after he already bid on it.

I'm assuming it takes just as much time, effort, and energy than spelling correctly, 45, which is why you disdain doing so.

Well you will have two of that item now, so if whatever it is gets stolen or broken,you have an extra one.

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Take back the one you bought in the store. Unless you were dumb enough to open it right away while you had an active bid on ebay on that same thing... in which case you pretty much deserve it.

He could possible just return the item he won off eBay to the store.

11 try reading. OP bought one at a store and won an eBay auction after buying the same item.

30, try paying attention to context. 5 said he could return the item to the store unless he already opened it. 11 is saying that even if he did open the one from the store, he return the unopened one from eBay to the store instead.

You can give it as a gift to someone else this Christmas!

That's a good idea. At least now op will be equipped with an "emergency" gift.

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I hope you're in the habit of saving your receipts. If not, you have a backup waiting for you when you need it.

Why bid then...If you want it and can afford it then bid but don't bid on the off chance you'll be outbid that makes you a price driving up asshole

Op did NOT bid because he thought he would be outbid. He bid because he wanted the item and the went into town and ending up finding the item. Bought it in town because he thought he would have been out bid on eBay. Next time READ the FML before you call the OP an asshole.

My point is still valid. Why Bid on something and not wait to see it through, It's sheer stupidity, The though process goes like this "Oh look there that thing i want on Ebay, Place Bid. Later, Oh theres that thing I am bidding for on eBay, I may have won the bid best check somehow, if not I can comeback and get one from here" With the abundance If Internet cafe and Wifi Spots in most modern towns shouldn't be hard to check on the bid

well, your point is completely invalid. Suddenly OP gets the bad rap? if there was an item online, and you placed a bid, would you sit there meticulously watching the seconds pass by on the bid time? or run errands.

Actually.. Something tells me #8 would sit and wait.

Wow Lenny seems like a complete idiot. OP as long as you did pay for it on eBay just have it canceled.

Why does that person on eBay have to deal with reentering the item for sale because the OP backed out and couldn't wait to check the bid status before purchasing the other item? There's a time limit to see if you won or not.

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I don't know about you guys, but I don't bid til there's only a couple minutes left. So I guess I'm one of those people that sit and wait. Having to deal with assholes that back out after they've already won is a pain in the ass. OP shouldn't have bought on impulse, it's completely his fault.

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There is a simple solution to all of this, return one item.

Just repost one of the items, and start the bid at what you paid for it. You never know... You might come out ahead!

I'm curious what this unnamed item could be. Depending what the item is you could use it as a gift for a friend. Or you could just resale one of the items on eBay and hope for a profit.

Just sell it again, maybe you'll get your money back