By Julia - 26/02/2010 05:04 - United States

Today, I found out all the money my dad has been saving in the bank for me since birth has all been spent, by my mother who I haven't seen or talked to in about two years. FML
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Ouch. How did she even get access?

Wow that sucks. I don't think anyone can truly think that you deserved this.


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Ouch. How did she even get access?

you should call the police or at the very least track her down and throw your shoe at her.

@ 1....ftw...way to misspell annoymous [email protected] would most def call the police and have that bitch thrown in jail!!!

LMAO...I guess I just took the win on that last post for also misspelling it...damn huge cracks in my f-ing screen

find her be nice to her borrow her car visit a chop shop !! solution to the prob solved go gettem!!!

If she was never removed from the account, there's not much the police can do. If she is not on the account, the bank may be responsible and could be held liable.

sell her organs on the black market she should be fine with one kidney and half a liver. tell her if she touches your money again you'll come back for the other half in a note scrawled in her own blood on the bathroom wall next to the bathtub full of ice you leave her in. trust me, it works wonders!

@23 WTF? @op that blows man I'm really sorry. have the bitch thrown in jail.

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I was about to call you an idiot for trying to correct the guy who spelled anonymous wrong, but then I realized that you knew of your mistake

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haha the shoe part is wht I would do

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sue that bitch for all she's worth!!

She probably isn't worth much if she's stealing from her kids account.

Wow that sucks. I don't think anyone can truly think that you deserved this.

Don't worry, a lotta people will say OP deserves it for being a spoiled rotten little shit and not working for their own money and expecting everything to be handed over to them. It's all the same in these types of FMLs.

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I hope those same idiots take into consideration the fact that the father probably worked his ass off to provide a good life for his daughter. Even if their twisted minds could possibly think that the OP deserved it, the father sure as hell doesn't.

#13, I don;t understand why it's a bad thing for parents to want to help their kids.. It doesn't make them irresponsible entitled *****, it just means they get to start life with less debt.. I've been working since I was 16 - but my parents paid half my university tuition and I took loans out for the rest. My dad is insisting on paying for my second grad degree, not because I'm spoilt but because he wants to help.. People really need to re-evaluate the concept of belonging to a supportive family.

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sounds like it's time for a **** punt...

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I don't neccesarily deserve one...? but she does. most def.

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You are a far better person than me OP cuz my mom would be one effed up bitch when I hunted her down. FYL

I'm so sorry to hear your suck thing,you're so unfortunately...but in china,all of the people are conviced that man should get money by their own hands,it means people shouldn't rely on their parents but believe theirself can access to maybe your suck thing would become a gift,which the god gives.

Happy to hear from someone in China. I know that in the East, it's the child's duty to care for their parents when they get older. For some people in the West, the parents do whatever they can to help their children, even later in life. I am happy when people help each other, either way. I like your idea to think about the loss of the money as a chance for improvement.

I'd ******* destroy her if that happened to me. Sucks, (wo)man.