By crazy_bitch122 - 29/06/2011 05:13 - United States

Today, while we were making love, he farted, then blamed it on his dog, who wasn't even in the room. The smell alone could have killed me. FML
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At least he didn't shit on the sheets.


At least he didn't shit on the sheets.

I have to agree on this.

You could have also got a pink eye, maybe?

pink eyes are sexy

In some cultures farting is like foreplay, the female dances around the male fornicating. once both the male and female are covered in each others excrement than copulation can begin.

#4, a lot of comments now a days are like this one; starting off with: "At least he/she didn't...". So I am sorry but I do not find this comment very good.

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1 I think that was the lamest comment I've ever seen on fml..

sometimes you just can't control it

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At least you weren't licking his nuts and he shat on your chin.

34, stop sniffing glue and think why pend wrote what he did. To OP, Hey, You're crazy bitch But you fuck so good, I'm on top of it When I dream, I'm doing you all night Scratches all down my back to keep me right on. And, at least you have some one to "make love" with. I have to resort to reading erotica and play with myself. But I can however breathe fine.

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you were so amazed that he just blew you away

im with #54 ... that would have been a much more amusing fml :L

18- Yep, a crusty, pus-filled eye is TOTALLY HAWT.

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not as amusing as gayboii giving a pen a blow job, that was priceless.

94- not as amusing as you, who makes up lies about people he doesn't know just for a laugh...

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the smell alone? what else was there?

Who is "he", OP? It's rare that the OP wouldn't indicate to whom he/she is referring.

u look like Ke$ha ;D

112- I mean you do

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y wuld u make ur username gayboii when ur not gay....... that's jus weird

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lmfao yeah what else was there??

what a bunch of creepers, 27 you are the dumbest/nastiest creature

you look like a hoe (:

174- I despise Shane Dawson.

at least he didnt dutch oven

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this is what sarah palin fans like

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Or on her?

it was probably an accident so don't make things more awkward for the both of you

Yeah, seriously, you're getting laid so just ignore the f*cking fart.

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Farting in this situation, especially the malodorous sort, is a serious mood killer. Especially when the offender tries to blame someone/thing else. Once you grow out of puberty, you'll understand this.

91. thanks dickhead. I was unaware I'm still going through puberty at the age of 22.

Bubbles, get your knickers out of a twist and realise that RPS was talking to XxHunterHavocxX, aka the *13 year old girl* in the comment above him.

then next time he should state so.

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Never have a threesome with two men, cause all you have done is double the chance of somebody farting.

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62 want to have sex?

the street name for testosterone is methane...

why thank you, sir. yours looks sweet as well

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Lol smart XD

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Damn dog

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Well, that stinks

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win ^

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I c wut u did thar

maybe he wanted you to quit tickling his prostate?

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didn't you read the post? The dog did it !

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That's the stank

ha classic he blames it on the dog.

At least he didn't try to blame it on Op.

true true ...

My fiancé did that too (farted during sex), except he just blamed it on me =// and I read another post where some guy blamed it on a "nearby frog" . . . what is with guys these days ???

chics queef all the time, why can't a guy fart?

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I actually agree with this.

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erm.... If queefs smell like farts, there's a serious hygiene problem.

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because women can fart too, that's why queefs are disgusting.

Are you really that dense?

In that situation, queefing could mean that the women is enjoying herself... And it doesn't smell. it shouldn't be a mood killer, nor should the occasional fart be. It's natural.

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Women can't control that. And it probably means she's well lubricated and enjoying herself.

^ sure women can't control it, bit

As if farting is cool just because a girl queefs?! if a girl queefs, it is because air that is thrust into the vagina during sex is coming out, which usually means some good sex is happening so its a good thing! As opposed to smelly gas that comes from an asshole.

the more you smell it, and accept it the more he loves you.

Wear your clothes and get out immediately.