Because I'm worth it

By Anonymous - 30/03/2009 13:34 - United States

Today, a mother wrote me a $130 check for babysitting her four kids for a few hours. Trying to be gracious, I said, "Wow, thank you, this is very generous!" She thought for a minute, then said, "You're right." She took the check back, ripped it up, and wrote me a new one for $55. FML
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tell that bitch to watch her own kids next time


First? Ugh, so close! That sucks.

Comment deleted

Thanks, Captain Obvious.

LOL oh man that sucks sorry to hear that

tell that bitch to watch her own kids next time


She is a bitch because she agreed with you???

No, she is a bitch for downing the price because the sitter thanked her for her generosity.

hahah agree with #5

You really ought to have agreed upon a price earlier. You kinda deserved that.

Do you not have regular rates?

that's so rude of her. i'm sure her kids are assholes too.

That's a rude assumption.