By Ma_Nikka - 20/03/2014 01:38 - United States - Chico

Today, I was making a special birthday delivery for a customer. As I handed her the fruit basket, I said, "Hey, we have the same birthday! Happy birthday!" She called me an attention whore and slammed the door in my face. FML
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Heyy! First I just wanna say happy belated birthday to those who shared the same birthday as me: #30 yeti37, #39 Shaowolf, and #66 amvelasco19's dad because I'm NOT an attention *****. So yes the customer ending up calling back claiming that she didn't receive her box of chocolate dipped apples along with her bouquet of chocolate dipped fruit that I delivered earlier. Since she signed the tag showing she had received her delivery my boss said that the delivery was successful and we don't have the box in our walk-in and that there's nothing we can do. We had the box and my boss let me have it. Karmas a bitch. Being in customer service I was genuinely just trying to be friendly as I have been with previous customers. This was the first time someone was rude. However I enjoyed my birthday anyway and thank you all for wishing me happy birthday! :D


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Plot Twist: OP and McSlamsInMyFace are twins

As if it was so difficult to just tell OP, "Happy birthday" back. Happy birthday, OP!

Sorry, op. Happy birthday to you, hope your day got better!

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Happy Birthday, OP! Glad to know all people born on that day aren't assholes.

How rude of her ! Don't worry OP, you'll meet more people like her (unfortunately) in your lifetime. Just ignore them. But happy birthday !

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Happy birthday OP! Don't let some rude customer get you down.

Where do you work that gives fruit baskets to people with birthdays? I want a fruit basket too~! Edible Arrangements maybe..?

Iunno why I'm getting downvoted... Who doesn't like fruit? Nah, I'm just kidding, I expected it x3

At least you know who's delivery you'll forget next time

Knock in the door and when she comes back out just deck the bitch

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That's a bad idea on so many levels

Yeah, that's called assault. Since the police can probably trace OP through the fruit basket, this is a bad idea.

FYI "i" and "o" are right next to each other on the keyboard...ever heard of a typo?

I'm sorry you have to share the same birthday as that bitch :(