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  kitcatjb  |  12

I hope everyone knows that a lot of the charity's you donate to don't actually go to charity. Most are scams or only 10% of the profit they make actually goes to where they tell you it's going.


To add to what 25 said, PETA and HSUS are two of the biggest scammers. They rake in millions of dollars with pictures of sad animals, and use that money to fund euthanizing the majority of animals they take in, and lobbying towards bills to take away your rights to keep your pets.

Moral of the story: if you want to help animals with a donation, donate money or supplies straight to your local animal shelter.


The more likely scenario is that there was a problem with the technical end of the transaction. This literally just happened to me last night. I ordered a $400 ladder and the first time it said it couldn't complete the transaction due to my billing address which was total BS. I double checked my stuff and tried again and it worked. Lo and behold I checked my paypal and paypal sent them two payments and I had 2 order numbers. They were quick to refund the extra transaction. If OP takes it up with their bank they should be able to reclaim the funds if the charity won't help.