By Anonymous - 15/10/2020 11:02

Today, I finally got the courage to tell my best friend who I'm crushing hard on that I like her. She gave me a look of revulsion and asked if I was joking. FML
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Well at least you found the courage, good for you. Now you can move on.


tounces7 27

Well after the look of revulsion you may as well say you are joking otherwise things will just get awkward forever.

Well at least you found the courage, good for you. Now you can move on.

Is this a BFZF or an FW/OB? Best friend zone forever or friend without benefits.

Unfortunately in many or even most cases that’s about the level of interest when you’re “just friends.” If there were romantic interest there would be more. It sucks, but that’s life, so move on. At least you know and can try and find someone else who’s interested. I finally learned in my early 20’s that it’s not worth my time chasing after someone who’s clearly not interested, and that was transformative.

mewtwonow 24

This happened to me too. Except she ****** another guy on the same day I told her. She was laughing at me

I imagine that's really frustrating for attractive girls who constantly can't keep friends because they all want them.

After that reaction “duh, who the **** would have a crush on YOU?”

You could still salvage the situation and say yes you were joking and just wanted to see her reaction. If you even still want her as a friend, since that's a mean response.