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Today, my parents screamed at me for cutting my wrists. They asked me if I wanted a therapist. I said that I didn't know. Then my mom said, "But wait, it's going to cost a lot of money!" FML
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Remind her that funerals are expensive, too.

Then speak to a school councillor or a CPS worker. There are ways to obtain help, and if they won’t do it, it’s neglectful. Clearly someone who commented doesn’t get how it works.


Then speak to a school councillor or a CPS worker. There are ways to obtain help, and if they won’t do it, it’s neglectful. Clearly someone who commented doesn’t get how it works.

Someone’s defensive. Kids reach out in different ways.

Cutting isn’t only attention or death. When my depression was at its worst, I would cut my thighs where no one could see as a form of punishment/release. Studies have even shown that cutting releases the feel good chemical, endorphins, just like heroin does.

As others suggested, go talk to a school counselor, administrator, police officer or trusted teacher. They can help you find they help you need.

Attention seeking We've all been teens and we've all seen the kid that cuts and advertises it everywhere Try getting help from adults and get attention in more positive ways kid

Because obviously that worked out very well so far. Ignorant POS.

Sometimes it’s an actual cry for help since everyone is missing the other signs. Next time you feel the need op, call 911. I wish I would have. It would not have taken so long to get the help I needed.

Remind her that funerals are expensive, too.

AND non-cancellable/ non-refundable.... :-(

Most of these comments are gross. OP, I’m sorry you’re going through a hard time. When I was younger, I was able to get a certain number of therapy sessions for free under my parents’ insurance. You should definitely talk to a professional! I hope you get the help you need <3

"So go get a job at McDonald's to pay for your own therapy, our dear child," your parents then said.... /sarcasm OP, you have my best wishes & prayers for you. Been there myself.... There ARE much better coping skills than cutting to handle the stress in your life, but unfortunately not every therapist/ counselor is qualified or experienced enough to carefully/ gently/ effectively help you through it. Hang in there until you find somebody that you're comfortable with. It's well worth the time, effort, & money though. Life IS worth living! :-)

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As someone who’s dealt with depression and been hospitalized 4 times, know that sometimes they’ll work with you for payment plans. I was actually hospitalized last May after driving to an ER because I was afraid I would lose control, and my bill for ambulance and everything (procedure, I didn’t injure myself YET) was a little over $1200 and because I was starting college in late August, they waived it off completely. Sometimes taking to a therapist may let them understand and some really caring ones who can afford it might accept a lesser payment. A life is worth more than all the money in the world. Do what you have to do to get hell, just stay safe OP. Send me a message if you need to talk to someone.

I'm sure their screaming really helped the situation. 😕 I hope you get the help you need. Find someone at school or another family member to help you to get counselling. Good luck OP.

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I am so sorry for what you are going through and that you aren’t getting the support you need. is a great online support group that I myself have used numerous times for self harm. Also a lot of therapy offices have students who need their hours to get certified who often offer sessions for free and are very helpful and eager to provide good support. It is a struggle everyday but recovery is possible. I have been free of self harm for almost 10 years, even tho I still struggle with urges and have to work at it I have gotten my life back. Hang in there and know you aren’t alone and so many people are rooting for you! Asking for help one of the hardest things to do. Good luck on your journey

Praying for you. Here is the number for the Crisis helpline in Czech Republic. 222-580-697.