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Today, I emailed 10 parents inviting them to my son's birthday party. All 10 emailed back saying their kids had to get a cavity filled. FML
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Is it you or your kid that's the problem?

Maybe your previous parties gave them all cavities.


Maybe your previous parties gave them all cavities.

OR they all could be planning a surprise party for the adorable child.

chlorinegreen 27

I don't think they would of left it a surprise for the parents too if it went that way.

Is it you or your kid that's the problem?

Your name is Paris...if that's where you live I can understand why everyone needs cavities filled ;)

Something to do with French promiscuity, I think. Not very complicated, just use your imagination with the word cavities. I sure am.

No, feel free to bury...I realized too late the "don't brush your teeth" stereotype was british. I am now the stereotype of the uncultured american

Don't brush your teeth.... Missouri? I thought that stereotype was for southern states, like Mississippi or Alabama.

TheDrifter 23

No, that's a no teeth to brush stereotype.

I think you're an uncultured American because you still think Brits don't brush their teeth, not because you got the wrong country initally. We do, and actually, braces are free because of the NHS, so there aren't that many people with bad teeth over here I'm afraid lol.

That's why it's a "stereotype", not a fact. Just like not every meal in america is a cheeseburger lol

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

#67 In America, stereotyping other countries/cultures is part of our culture.

70 I don't think anyone in Europe thinks americans just eat hamburgers. Stop stereotyping stereotypes.

95 - I taught English in Korea for a year. My students thought I ate hamburgers and pizza for every meal. So maybe that's not a stereotype in Europe, but it is in Korea. Stop stereotyping Americans as the only ones that have stereotypes of other countries. Fun fact, they also thought I slept with my shoes on.

Just like every comment on FML doesn't have to end with "lol", lol!

#83 Indeed, and yet you wonder why everyone hates you

102- hate us as you may, our economy still drives your economy. So wish bad things on us, we have a recession and a drone missile coming your way.

#104 really? You do realise that every single person, whether that be man, woman or child, owes $2905 EACH to china? And your total worldwide debt is 12.557 trillion. Your country, nor mine for that matter, hold the power anymore. They have to do whatever their debaters want them to.

tmmundy 17

43...I hate to inform you, but I live in Mississippi and I have always brushed my teeth twice a day, as well as my children, who are now grown. So don't stereotype if you don't know what you're talking about, thanks!

The whole thing with a stereotype is that it is based in fact but is not actually fact. For example one of the more well known ones being that women are bad drivers. Everyone knows that not EVERY woman is a bad driver. However women, on average, do get into more accidents then men do. They just get into fewer lethal accidents. So the stereotype stands against women even though there are some awesome female drivers. Therefore it doesn't matter if you brush your teeth or not because you are but one person in a state full of people. You could, for all anyone really knows, be the exception and not the rule. One person can not a stereotype break.

america has so many cultures and is so diversified, were probably one of the most cultured haha.

kewlkate 9

Actually, 110, there isn't any evidence backing that up what-so-ever. Women do, in fact, get into LESS accidents. It's just common belief that men have been and always will be better at the more masculine aspects of life, no matter the recklessness of their ways.

if its any consolation most of the fml's are from the u.s so i think ur still ahead of the pack in that department

Those parents must have a very active sex life.

Yes it said cavities being filled, not families being drilled.

Yea I realized my mistake but the editing time bomb blew up.

That's pretty crappy. Unless everyone hates your kid. But how can he not have one friend that likes him and would want to spend his birthday with him?

chlorinegreen 27

I'm guessing the child is young and the parents tried to invite the whole class. That's how it was when I was in school.

Just find it a little odd all 10 kids had cavities at the same time :O

57- Nah, that's normal. Totally normal.

It's all just a plot against kids by dentists. Like that horror movie I saw about evil dentists.

BlueFlatts 20

Either that or the Tooth Fairy got angry at the last party.

The tooth fairy is an under cover dentist. She has to make money somehow to pay kids for their teeth.

hanymandy 6

Or the parents don't like him/his mom

Maybe the one kid that was actually his friend was the one real cavity excuse

Writing an FML comment is a lot of pressure. All I can think of as I'm thinking to write a joke or a witty pun is:"oh god! They're going to thumb me down!" Maybe I'm just too stoned.

Then why did you even write this comment?

Reassurance maybe, like when a regular looking girl keeps yapping on about how she's sooo ugly. Attention. To look cool cos she's stoned maybe. Who knows? So many random posts on this site.

Sure! I'll explain this to you to clear it all up. This is kind of irrelevant, but you did ask. Usually, when commenting I don't usually have a thought until I get to the comments box. Today after my waking-up morning activities I went on fml. When reading this, I had the urge to comment, but when I got to comments box; I got nothing. So in the end, all I could think of was what I commented, and in my opinion that was the best comment for me in that very moment of my life.

.FML Couldn't resist, once I saw that "today" in the middle of your paragraph.

Go back to bed sir, and try again tomorrow.

It's funny how whenever weed is mentioned the person automatically doesn't smoke weed, or just wants everyone to know. I feel that it would be a different situation it i somehow brought in alcohol, or a cigarette. I WAS just going to leave this alone, but I refuse to be "dissed" by an afro haired man(woman?) with a fake plastic moustache, and a color blind idiot. P.S. moustaches are amazing, but only when they're real, and on my lighter! Maybe you should grow one? It's understandable if your face is not capable of growing a manly moustache. Not every one can : )

Took you 30 minutes to come up with that? Wasn't really worth it if you ask me.

It didn't take 30 minutes. In that time I managed to make toast, butter it, boil water, pour it into favourite mug, make tea, enjoy it, and then comment back to you.

I'm really not trying hard. In that last comment all I was doing was explaining that the above was wrong. It did not take 30 minutes to come up with a comment. It takes maybe one or two? Three minutes at the most.

35-What the hell are you blathering about? You're the one that made the comment about being 'stoned', and when Pleonasm made a joke about it you go on the attack? That's pretty pathetic. The fact of the matter is, if you don't have anything good to say, or if you don't know what to say, don't bother commenting. If you see any issue with that, then this site very obviously isn't for you.

You feel pressured when writing a comment? Lol

61: maybe it's the girl who was excited about Facebook likes.

But what if all the kids are getting cavities filled and it just a coincidence that they're all on the same day...

Either they are horrible people it you have a demon child.